Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Introductory Articles

Initial Emails - Sunday June, 6, 2016, Ramadan, 1, 1437

1. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Invitation to Volunteer

Please sign the Muslim Youth Code of Honor petition at :

Watch Video of this email at:
The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

The video is produced by Br. David McClung, American Convert to Islam. He is Electrical/Mechanical Engineer.

We start this Campaign on the first of Ramadan, 1437, June, 6,2016. May Allah SWT bless this Campaign, and bless all Muslim Youth.

This Dawah effort and the Islamic youth Campaign have nothing to do with politics, terrorism, or racism.

This is just a Pure Dawah for Muslim Youth.

Allah Said in the holy Quran "... cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate with one another in sin and animosity: fear Allah. for Allah is strict in punishment." (Quran 5:2)

Prophet Muhammad said, "If you guide one person, this is better for you than this whole world and what is in it"

Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign is an idea I have been dreaming about for so long. We are ONE UMMAH who should care about each other, especially the care of the next generation.

This is our third phase of this campaign. It is an updated version from the first phase that started on October, 6, 2008.

These are some of the questions, that I hope everyone of us should ask himself/herself, and try to find answers.

How can we get Islamic youth to be excellent and proud Muslims?

How can we instill the Quran and the great moral values of our Prophet Muhammad in their minds?

How can Islamic Youth remember our Islamic history, and our civilization, that was one of the best civilizations in history and be very proud Muslims?

How can Islamic Youth stand steadfast and firm against the Western pop culture and the weapons of missionary deception that are sweeping everywhere in Muslim countries?

I live in a city in USA, and I personally know 8 Muslim girls, who converted FROM Islam to atheism, Jehovah witness, Christianity and Buddhism. I also know many Muslim youth who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Each case makes me very sad. An Imam told me that a mother of a 24 years old woman got pregnant with a non-Muslim man. Can you imagine the feeling of this mother. Is this our future Ummah? On the other side, in that city when I first came, there was not a single Mosque. After 30 years we have over 40 Mosques. AlHamd Le Allah.

What Islam asks us to do is not difficult and can be done with the grace of Allah SWT. I heard an Imam saying "a good Muslim is a good human being" and we have our best role model in our Prophet Muhammad, the best human being.

Working with a small group of Muslims, may Allah rewards them all, we developed this international campaign. We will InShaa Allah move one step at a time following the steps of the companions of our Prophet Muhammad.

We need to have maximum exposure, so please, give your support to this campaign. Can we all work together? Let's "cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety"

We need this campaign desperately; we just don't want to see our Ummat Muhammad plunging any further.

We have collected over 250 articles, videos, and Islamic inspirational songs at: 

And we did that for Muslim Youth not to be bored with articles only.

We cannot do this alone; We Need Your Help For The Sake of Allah.

For the sake of Allah, and our future generation of Ummat Muhammad, I would like to ask you to commit to the following steps:

We will InShaa Allah send you one email every week on Sunday.

You email this weekly package to all your list on Monday every week. Let's make Monday each week "Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign Day". Ask every one in your list to forward this email to his / her list.

Join as many Islamic User Groups as you can. There are about 40,000 Yahoo Islamic user groups. Please send these postings to your list of contacts and the user groups of your choice, by forwarding our postings in one email each week.

Your initial work will require collecting your list and joining Islamic user groups. And if you live in a country where mosques, Imams, and youth organizations have emails, please add them to your list.

We want this campaign to reach All youth in our 1.75 billion Muslims on Earth.

We want to reverse the downfall of our Ummah, and be worthy of the name Ummat Muhammad. We were the greatest Ummah many times in our history.

This is a message of change for the Muslim Youth to be a stronger Muslim. And we want every Muslim Youth to say: YES WE CAN.

This will take only five minutes from your time every week. Jazak Allah Khairan

Why I am doing this? I am 75 years old Muslim, and I love Islam. I hope I can do something big to serve Allah in my life. I am doing this only for the sake of Allah. I want to tell God on the Day of Judgment: "I tried hard and you are The Ultimate Judge, so forgive my sins, accept my good deeds, and take me with thy Mercy to Al Ferdous Al Aala in the company of our Prophet Muhammad. You are the Most Generous."

And you too can be part of this Ummah campaign. Can you imagine the rewards from Allah for this Dawah campaign?

I will Inshaa Allah publish Volunteer list, with your name, language, email, and country if you agree to publish this personal information. If you don't agree, I will not publish your personal information, but I will still Inshaa Allah send you the weekly email.

In summary, please reply to this email, telling me:

Could you commit to this campaign for the sake of Allah? Can I send you email every week, and you send it to all list? Yes or no.

Do you want me to publish your personal information, your name, language, email, and country? Yes or no.

Please email us at: "ContactUs" . We welcome any comments or suggestions from you to make this campaign more effective and far reaching. Please write volunteer on the subject of your email.

Please circulate this email to your brothers and sisters, Jazakum Allah Khairan.

Please note that this posting is for adults too.

Jazakum Allah Khairan

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

2. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - FaceBook, YouTube

Please sign the Muslim Youth Code of Honor petition at :

Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

We urgently need creative and initiative volunteers, who believe this campaign is his / her campaign, and to post our campaign and videos on FaceBook and YouTube.

We urgently need volunteers who believes this is the campaign of ALL Muslim Youth, and want to share the rewards from Allah SWT.

Brother David McClung a convert American has some 26 years of experience in Dawah to non-Muslims. He has given presentations to American high school students at our mosque to introduces Islam, explains the Islamic prayers and pillars, and relate Islam to Christianity. He is also involved with Muslim Youth. David agreed to volunteer to produce our campaign on Videos. David is Mechanical/Electrical Engineer by profession. All his videos are our website Youtube Channel: 

One 16 years old volunteer took the initiative and started a page on Facebook on his own. May Allah SWT bless all his life. 

Unfortunately, his content isn't available right now

Other Islamic Youth Awakening pages on FaceBook: 

AlHamd Le Allah.

You are invited to make your own Video blog in your own language on YouTube, and post our emails on FaceBook.  includes Automatic Translation into many languages, including Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Indonesian, Malay, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu. You can use the available translation to start your own videos in your own language, and post your own videos on YouTube. Please Note Automatic Translation is NOT good for Translating The Quran.

I have seen some of our postings on FaceBook. AlHamd le Allah. I am encouraging everyone to be creative in promoting Islamic Youth Awakening. You have my permission to use these articles of Islamic Youth Awakening in any media, make presentations to mosques or Islamic Organizations with the proper links to  AND .

Allah SWT promises you eternal paradise. You can have the paradise by following the 5 pillars of Islam, and being a good Muslim. The obligatory prayers takes about 20 minutes each day. Do you see the generosity of God? Can you give Allah a little bit more? Can you participate in this Dawah effort for the sake of Allah? Can you promote this Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign?

I was searching for an article that we wrote few years ago, and AlHamd Le Allah, I found it in forums, in Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Algeria with enlightening discussions on that article. Can you post our articles in forums?

I know a Dutch brother Volunteer, who promised me that he will translate our articles to Dutch, and put them in a website that he developed, so our message can be read by Dutch people. Can You imagine how happy we are when we saw the brother's website in Dutch.

Islamic user groups are good vehicles to promote the Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign. Please pick up at least 5 user groups, join them, and send them our postings. But don't be upset if your emails are not posted in some user groups, if the group owner is fixed on certain Mazhah, or approach. !!!

Any other constructive idea is more than welcome.

We need this campaign desperately; we just don't want to see our Ummat Muhammad plunging any further.

I will Inshaa Allah publish Volunteer list, with your name, language, email, and country if you agree to publish this personal information. If you don't agree, I will not publish your personal information, but I will still Inshaa Allah send you the weekly email.

To view two samples of this weekly email, please click on the following two links:  Short Ayah and Hadith, includes Articles and videos designed to be a strong proud Muslim.  Short Ayah and Hadith, includes Articles and videos about Converts to Islam, and Christian Missionary deception.

In summary, please reply to this email, telling me:

Could you commit to this campaign for the sake of Allah? Can I send you email every week, and you send it to all list? Yes or no.

Do you want me to publish your personal information, your name, language, email, and country? Yes or no.

Please email us at: "ContactUs" . We welcome any comments or suggestions from you to make this campaign more effective and far reaching. Please write volunteer on the subject of your email.

We are starting this Campaign InShaa Allah in Ramadan. May Allah SWT bless this dawah effort with the blessed month of Ramadan.

Please circulate this email to your brothers and sisters, Jazakum Allah Khairan.

Please note that this posting is for adults too.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

3. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Converts are already Awake.

Please sign the Muslim Youth Code of Honor petition at :

Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

The videos of this Campaign is produced by David McClung, an American convert to Islam who believes very strongly in Dawah, and acts accordingly.

Why can't Most Born Muslim be as strong as Most Convert Muslims?

During the last 20 years, I have known many converts. The great majority of them are great Muslims. They are very strong Muslim, and they work very hard on Dawah.

Please see: Sister Zainab Onez Discovered Islam while training to be a nun.

Over 2 years ago, sister Zainab sent me her conversion story from Philippine. Since that time, I still get emails from born Muslim inspired by her story. Here is the last email, I received:

"salam Sir, I just read the story of sister Zainab. It was really moving story and I have tears in my eyes while writing this. She is really a great Muslimah. I felt so bad when I came to know that how some of the Muslim brothers treated her. such bros are dark spots of our society and sister should not care abt them. She has done sabar over all that people have done to her. I don't know what to write.........actually I am so confused on what to say and what not...............I am sorry for this stupid mail..... Just pray for me to have Emaan like her... I am such a bad Muslim that I cant grow even beard while this great sister of mine is observing full hijab in a non-Muslim society...."

This was my reply:

"This is what Islamic youth awakening is all about. All converts that I know are much better Muslims than most born Muslims. For example, when I need help in Dawah, most born Muslims offer many talks and no actions. AlHmad le Allah, I get all the help from Converts. I need your help. Spread the word."

End of email and reply.

Sometimes I even think that our next Caliph will be convert to Islam.

On the other hand, Look at: Email from, KIMM HENRY, an American convert sister: damage from "Muslim sects" who tried to confuse this convert lady about Islam and Mazhabs. She converted to Islam. But "sect Muslims" are doing what they can to confuse her, convert her to their sects. Read her email to me:

"I just found the article, Are you Muslim, Salafi, Sunni, Maliki, shia,Takfiri, or what? by Dr. Adel Elsaie. I don't know how old it is but I must say that it is something that I needed to read.

I reverted to Islam 8 years ago- 4 months before September 11- with only the revelation of Quran as guidance. Lately, I feel as though I am literally losing it! I initially had a vague idea of the Sunni /Shia but was grossly unaware of how deep the divide is and it seems that I am constantly challenged and distracted by all of these sects. Each time I learn of a new sect it is as shocking, hurtful, and confusing as the rebellion and consequence that ensued in my childhood from being unable to accept that God could kill his son and that I was the beneficiary of such a heinous act. I know that the comparison is strong but I feel like I'm always in a state of mistrust and rebellion because of all the sectarian heresies of which there is no possibility of a mere person such as I to sort through"

May Allah Help us all to see HIS Light, and be strong and proud Muslim.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

4. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Great Start

Please sign the Muslim Youth Code of Honor petition at :

Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

AlHamdLe Allah, This campaign got 100 inspiring replies from volunteers, from Indonesia and Malaysia to Bolivia and Chile, From Australia to USA. Many of the replies from Volunteers brought tears to my eyes. These replies are from kids from Australia to USA. And the same from "old" brothers and sisters. They all want to contribute in this campaign. Muslim Youth truly want our great Ummah back and establish our Islamic Identity. They want to see Ummat Muhammad (PBUH) deserves the name Islam and Muhammad (PBUH), our beloved last Messenger of Allah.

This campaign has volunteers whose number far exceeds my expectation. Many offered to do much more than sending our articles to their contacts, which is by itself a great Dawah effort. I received inspiring ideas to extend this campaign further.

This campaign started actually 2 years ago by Br. Inshrah khan and Yahoo user group He contacted me and we agreed to cooperate together. He also has a website: .

This campaign has a Dutch volunteer brother who started his Dutch 4 websites, and already translated many articles to Dutch in his websites. , .,

Can we combine the above two ideas to have many in Arabic, Urdu, Malay, French, German, Spanish, Persian..... As an example  for Arabic  for Urdu And so on.

This will require few initiative Muslims in each country to create a website, and translate the articles in this campaign to their language, and InShaa Allah add more to this campaign. Please let us know if you want to undertake this project in your country.

This campaign has volunteers who are born Muslims and converts to Islam.

This campaign has volunteers from 10 years old girl, my granddaughter Dannah Diebas, to 80 years old Pakistani brother.

This campaign has a Latino volunteer girl, 12 years old. I know her father, Isa Valdez, who converted about 15 of his friends to Islam. He called me and said his daughter Nusrat likes to volunteer and she will talk to kids in mosques, camps and school about this campaign. Can You Imagine how I felt?

This campaign has volunteers that pledged to talk in local Mosques and Muslim youth organization.

This campaign has a volunteer who works in Austria and UK and has an Islamic Association; he pledges to get all his members as volunteers in this Campaign.

This campaign has an Imam in a mosque who devotes most of his Friday Khutbahs to Islamic Youth Awakening.

I pray to Allah that this Campaign reaches the hearts of every Muslim youth, even those who are skeptical that this Campaign will reach its goal.

InShaa Allah, starting from next Monday, we will start the Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign.

Let's all pray to Allah Almighty:

O Allah, this is our humble effort, please help us to achieve our goals of establishing Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign.

O Allah, this is our humble effort, please let this campaign reaches every youth in our great Ummah.

O Allah, this is our humble effort, please save our Muslim Youth from every evil, and make them strong and proud Muslims.

O Allah, this is our humble effort, please help us to get our Islamic Identity back.


Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

5. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Need support from Group owners

Please sign the Muslim Youth Code of Honor petition at :

Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

Owning an Islamic user group is a big responsibly. I am truly amazed at some articles posted in Islamic User groups. As an Example, articles are posted emphasizing differences between different Islamic groups and which group, or which Mazhab, we should follow. Isn't that enough to say it loud and clear: I am a Muslin? Why promote differences among Muslims? It is truly a great blessing for anyone to be a Muslim. Other User groups even allow porn material to be posted, which indicates that some owners or moderators don't even check the material they are posting.

Owning an Islamic user group is NOT a show business; It is an ISLAMIC business. As of today Yahoo has 39,696 Islamic user groups.

Many Islamic user groups post our Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign, Jazahum Allah Kairan. It is unfortunate that few owners never post our Campaign. Other owners post them once every few months. The objective of this Campaign is that we all works together, and emphasize the urgency of this Awakening Campaign for the sake of Allah and for our Ummah to stop and reverse our decline. I understand that many postings are addressing Awakening Campaign under the category of Islamic knowledge, without mentioning the name Awakening Campaign. But this is not what we intended. We need the 7 - 8 hundred millions Muslim youth to be aware of this Awakening Campaign, and work together to regain our past glory of faith, and science. We need to stop falling in the Western trap of dividing us into labels: progressive, liberals, radicals, fundamentalist, ........ I hope to see Awakening Campaign in each group, and see the members sharing their ideas on this vital subject. I am sure some can be better than our, and more effective than ours.

This campaign has over 200 volunteers, from Indonesia and Malaysia to Bolivia and Chile, From Australia to USA. From 10 to 70 years old Muslims.

I am so humbled to know many sincere Muslim brothers and sisters through user groups.

I like to pose some serious questions:

Don't the majority of Muslims understand the simple definition of a Muslim? I was told by some Muslims not to ask this tricky question. !!!!!!!

Don't the majority of Muslims understand that we are Ummah in trouble?

Don't the majority of Muslims understand that we live in a very serious time?

Don't the majority of Muslims understand that many of our youth are lost in the American pop culture?

Don't the majority of Muslims understand that some Muslim Youth in the west convert to other religions?

Don't the majority of Muslims understand that some Muslim Youth are drug addicts and even drug dealers?

Don't the majority of Muslims understand the danger of fighting among each other?

Don't the majority of sincere Muslims understand that we all have to be involved in Islamic revival?

Islam will survive the present crisis with or without any human help. Because this is a promise from Allah Himself.

During third century, Christian were involved in Byzantine argument in Alexandria, Egypt, that was focusing on "who is God"? Is He one, two, or three? Is Jesus son of God or son of man? I feel that some Muslims are engaged in another type of Byzantine argument. Many Muslims do not really understand our priorities. And the irony is, many Muslims claim they understand our priories. You will be amazed if you ask a Muslim about his or her first priority, and find out that Allah or Islam is not a top priority.

Many Muslims are in a state of denial. Many Muslims think that so long they live in a tent in the middle of desert and try to be good Muslims, then that is enough and they are OK.

When the Mongols swept the our Ummah, burning cities, slaughtering about 40 million Muslims, the last Caliph in Baghdad was doing business as usual convinced that he did not have to do anything, because Allah would take care of all calamities.

Muslims in Spain fought each other until we lost Spain. Read history, it was a fighting over another Byzantine argument.

I feel sorry for those who are sitting in their Ivory tower and don't see the reality of our Ummah. These are like someone in the midst of terrible hurricane putting on dark glasses and goes out with an umbrella.

It seems the present old generation lost the battle of Islamic revival. If this is the case, then we have at least prepare the next generation to regain our Islamic identity. This is really the least we can do.

Islam is a religion of action and acting together. There are still very many bright spots.

When you see a mosque in the west during Friday prayer, and you see Muslims with diverse nationalities (From Indonesia to Chile) praying together side by side, you feel they all belong to one Ummah.

When you see Al Kaabah, and you see Muslims with diverse nationalities (From Indonesia to Chile) praying together side by side, you feel they all belong to one Ummah.

When you see Muslims with diverse nationalities (From Indonesia to Chile) fasting together, you feel they all belong to one Ummah.

When you see many converts to Islam with great enthusiasm and passion about Islam, you feel that they just maybe the future driving force of our Ummah. I hope that more born Muslims know more about converts to Islam.

When you read history books, and You know that each time this Ummah is in trouble, Allah always send sincere Muslim to steer this Ummah away from danger.

This great religion will never go down even if some try. Period, Full stop.

What we need to do as a single Ummah is:

To go back to the basics of Islam that are manifested by the teachings of our beloved Prophet SAW, during his time.

To know our history, and remember great Muslim leaders who took it upon themselves to defend Islam from any danger.

To focus on our present and future situation to regain our lost civilization.

This is NOT my campaign. It is the campaign of all Islamic youth. This is YOUR Campaign.

May Allah help us see our way through the darkness of our present situation. May Allah SWT guide Muslim Youth to be much better Muslim than existing generation.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

6. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Native Deen Joshua OR Tamer Hosni??

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Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

When I was a kid in school, I used to hate history classes. Now after 50 years, history is my favorite subject specially that of Islam and Muslims. When I read history of youth companions of our beloved Prophet (saw), I can see how Islam spread everywhere, and how great were these companions.

Out from the desert, in the middle of nowhere, came a generation that brought light to this earth and dominated the two major superpowers at that time: the Romans and Persians. Their light lasted more than fourteen centuries, and Inshaa Allah until end of this world. This first generation Muslim youth were truly remarkable engine of Ummat Muhammad (saw). Here are few names of few Muslim youth pioneers of the first generation:

Ali ibn Abi Talib was 10 years old when he became Muslim.

Talhah ibn Ubaydullah was 14 years old when he became Muslim

Abdullah ibn Abbas, born Muslim, was 15 when Prophet died.

Said ibn Zayd was 15 years old when he became Muslim

AlZobier ibn Alawam was 15 years old when he became Muslim

Abdulah Ibn AlZobier was the first born in Madinah after Hijrah

Muhammad ibn Talhah ibn Ubaydullah was also born in Madinah after Hijra.

Sad ibn Abi Waqqas was 17 years old when he became Muslim

Abdullah ibn Masud was 16 years old when he became Muslim

Omar Ibn AlKhattab was 26 years old when he became Muslim.

Then Abdul Malik bin Umar ibn AbdulAzir, the great young Muslim who was "watching" all actions of his father Umar Bin AbdelAziz, The Fifth Rightly Guided Caliph !!!!!

All young Muslims of the first generation had their ultimate teacher in Muhammad SAW. Their history is available in many history books. Each one of them is just like a high tower of light to illuminate the present darkness of our Ummah.

AlHamd le Allah, now there are many good Muslims in many parts in the world.

But there are many others who got themselves in unislamic, and sometimes horrible, behavior and characters.:

Muslim girls who convert FROM Islam, thanks to their "Muslim" parents who did not watch after their children.

Muslim girls and boys who involve in sexual relations, with Muslim or non-Muslims, before marriage. Muslim girl pregnancy out of wedlock, is increasing in the present time.

Use of drugs and alcohol.

Muslim Youth going to classes in Universities with mobile phones, with no books, and of course not the Quran.

The "Muslim" Media and many "Muslim" actors are on a mission to DESTROY the Islamic identity everywhere in Muslim countries.

Somehow most females (young and old) on Arabic TV's have blonde hair in western style and western cloths!!!!! Of course with no Hijab. Now the question is: Why most Arabic girls are born blonde in the last 30 - 40 years????? !!!!!!!.

Many "Muslim" singers are aggravating youth problems. I feel so disgusted when I see thousands of Muslim youth are impressed by someone like Tamer Hosni, the born Muslim Egyptian singer, with his sickening western appearance, and low level songs. Then again, I am grateful to Allah that we have great Muslim singers like the convert Muslim Joshua of Native Deen in USA, and his great inspiring Islamic songs, such as Native Deen - Not Afraid to stand Alone if Allah is by my side, Lyrics: Stand Alone

Muslim Youth should like or dislike someone based upon his/her role in promoting or destroying Islamic identity.

May Allah, the Most Merciful, help Muslim youth to see the light of Islam, as the first youth generation did, and reverse the downfall of our great Ummah.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

7. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Introduction

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Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

Can you Imagine we become a great Ummah again. This is Not going to happen unless we have Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign for all Muslim youth, the engine of our Ummah.

Working with a small group of Muslims, and listening to many youth, we developed this Campaign. It consists of interesting subjects to youth such as:

Islamic History

Hadith on good manners

Stories and videos of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Stories of great young Muslims.

Stories and videos of many converts to Islam, and why they convert.

Islamic Inspirational songs, such as Native Deen - I am not Afraid to stand Alone if Allah is by my side, Lyrics: Stand Alone

Supplying youth with material to be strong Muslims against the sweeping Missionary Deception wave in our Ummah.

So, there are articles, videos, and songs for youth not to be bored.

This is an International campaign conducted by emails to many Islamic User Groups, and now many volunteers from Indonesia to Chile are ready to distribute articles for campaign in their own country or abroad. The list of volunteer ranges from a 10 and 12 years old girl in USA to 80 years old brother from Pakistan. AlHamd le Allah.

The articles will be distributed each Monday.

You can see all that in : . AlHamd le Allah, about 100 youth visit this page every day, and the campaign is not launched yet.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

8. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - The Mongols of our time

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Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

Please look at the above link to see the map of the Mongol Empire.

When I see the younger Muslim generation confused about the definition of a Muslim and rejecting acceptable Mazhabs, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation impressed by the western culture, neglecting the Islamic culture, and ignoring Islamic education, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation has little or no respect to parents and elders, and ignoring the the strong commands of Allah to be kind and merciful to parents and elders, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation adopting the western culture of (I want, I want, I spend I spend, I enjoy I enjoy), and neglecting the Islamic traditions, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation guards their mobile phone more than the Quran, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation using drugs that is rampant in the western culture, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation confused about simple Islamic teachings, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation belonging to feuding tribes, and killing each other, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation killing innocent people, I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation following questionable "sects" of Islam and questionable "Imams", I get scared.

When I see the younger Muslim generation are not aware what is happening in Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, and don't at least feel sorry for their Muslim Ummah, I get scared.

When I see Muslim girls convert FROM Islam, I get scared. I know 8 Muslim Girls who converted FROM Islam:

An Arab father, who is very confused about the basics of Islam: His 2 girls were also confused. Their father told them not to marry a Muslim, but marry a Jew, because Jews are good business people. They converted FROM Islam when they graduated from College.

A Pakistani father, came to USA, impressed by the Western "Freedom", married to an American lady who is still Christian, He doesn't pray and has visible alcohol in his house. His 2 girls are confused, they converted FROM Islam when they graduated from College.

A very loose Arabic Family, didn't pray, the mother colored her hair blond, and didn't wear Islamic dress. The daughter was brain washed by a college friend to Convert FROM Islam.

Parents who have a girl that graduated from Islamic school. They thought the school was enough. When the girl went to college, she loved a non-Muslim, and converted FROM Islam.

An Arab father sent his daughter alone to USA to establish a business and become rich. She knew many Christians, and married a Christian business associate, and converted FROM Islam.

An Arab father sent his daughter to study in USA. She lived the American pop culture, married a Jew, and converted FROM Islam

And this is not all. There are many other scary things happening in our Ummah. They are the new Mongols who are far worse than the first ones. This new Mongols destroys the Islamic Identity of the Muslim Youth.

And when I see all this, I think to myself: "What do I say to Allah on the Day of Judgment?".

Should we get despair? Absolutely NOT. Islam is a religion of optimism and hope.

In the present time, the Islamic Identity may be shaken, but NEVER defeated.

During the whole history of Islam, we have seen great achievements and great calamities. Probably, the worst disaster faced the Islamic Ummah, was the Mongolian destruction of most of the Islamic world.

Victory was achieved over the Mongol Empire by faithful Muslims. Similar victory was accomplished during the Caliphate of Umar in 636 A.D. over both the Romans and the Persians during a span of only 7 months. The Byzantines made strong preparations to attack the Muslims, and concentrated a very large army at Yermuk. Muslims won an astounding victory in 6 days at the Battle of Yermuk in May 636 A.D. Jerusalem surrendered without a fight. In November of the same year, Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas marched to Qadisiyya. Persian army collapsed in 4 days.

The Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous empire in human history. The 13th and 14th century, when the empire came to power, is often called the "Age of the Mongols". They controlled 22% of earth. The Mongol armies during that time were extremely well organized. The death toll (by battle, massacre, flooding, and famine) of the Mongol wars of conquest is placed at about 40 million according to some sources. Mongols through a series of slaughtering attacks controlled lands from Korea up to Poland and Hungary, and from the Indian ocean up to Russian cities, including Moscow and Kiev.

Mongol invasion of the Middle East consists of the destruction of Iraq, Iran, parts of Kuwait and eventually encroaching into Palestine. The Abbasid Caliph Al-Musta'sim reportedly defied the Mongols, saying God would punish them if they dared to attack him, yet failed to even attempt to summon loyal Muslims to the defense of Baghdad, nor did he strengthen the City of Light's defenses. Under Hulagu, the Mongols captured and destroyed Baghdad in 1258. The slaughter and horrific atrocities committed by the Mongols at Baghdad have never been forgotten, nor did the country itself ever recover. The infrastructure system was destroyed, and after the slaughter at Baghdad there were not enough people left alive to repair and maintain this system. Caliph Al-Musta'sim was executed by Hulagu Khan soon afterwards. The Mongols did not want to shed "royal blood," so they wrapped him in a rug and crushed him to death with their horses. All of his sons but one were executed as well.

Sultan Saif ad-Din Qutuz of Egypt joined forces with a fellow Mamluk, Baibars, who wanted to defend Islam after the Mongols captured Damascus and most of Sham (greater Syria). Sultan Qutuz reigned Egypt from 1259 - 1260, after 73 years of the Kurdish Sultan Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf Al-Ayyūbi defeating the Crusades of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the historical battle of Hattin on July 4, 1187. In this battle alone, the Crusader army was largely annihilated by the faithful army of Saladin in what was a major disaster for the Crusaders and a turning point in the history of the Crusades. During a span of only 73 years, strong faithful Muslim Kurdish and Egyptian Sultans destroyed the legacy of the Crusades and Mongols together. Subhana Allah.

The Mongols attempted to ally with the remnant of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, now centered on Acre, but Pope Alexander IV forbade this. While the Christians remained neutral, they believed it was only a matter of time until the Mongols destroyed them also, and so while technically neutral, they agreed that the Egyptian army could cross their territories without incident, or reporting such movement to the Mongols. Believing that waiting for Hulagu Khan to return with his full army would be foolhardy, Qutuz decided to march north and confront Kitbuqa's army. He believed destroying this force would not only protect the remaining Holy Places (Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina), but also strike a terrific blow against the heretofore invincible Mongols. He accomplished all his goals, and more. The Mongols at that time were proceeding down the trade trails, and probably were unaware that the Egyptian forces had marched north to confront them.

Both Mamluk and Mongol armies encamped in the Holy Land in July 1260. They finally met at one of the greatest battle in Islam, Ain Jalut on September 3, 1260, with both sides numbering about 20,000 men. Mamluk armies were clearly able to destroy the Mongols, something that no one had previously done. Berke Khan (Arabic Baraka Khan), khan of the Golden Horde, was one of the sons of Jochi, the eldest son of Genghis Khan. Mamluk were supported by Berke Khan who allied himself with Mamluk after his cousin enraged him by destroying Baghdad. Berke and the Golden Horde converted to Islam, and sent word to the Great Khan (Hulagu Khan) that he would "call him to account , for he has murdered the Caliph in Baghdad, and killed all the faithful..".

And the name Khan became a familiar Muslim name. Subhana Allah.

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Dr. Adel Elsaie

9. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - 12 Principles of Islamic Unity - Action Items

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1. Definitions: Orders and Facts in the Quran

2. Definition of Muslims

3. Unity of the Ummah

4. Assume first that you are wrong

5. Manners of Disagreement

6. Possibility of Multiple Correct Answers

7. Group Participation in Agreed Upon Matters

8. Be supportive to converts to Islam

9. Avoid labeling Muslims

10. Have mercy and don�t kill or torture another Human being

11. Thinking of the Danger of the Blind Common Adversary

12. Sympathy for Those Who Do Not See the Light

1. Definitions: Orders and Facts in the Quran

The Quran, the authentic book of God, has many orders and facts. Allah gives orders to believers, such as

(22:78) "So Establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to Allah! He is your Protector"

(3:103) "And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves;"

Devout Muslims take orders from Allah very seriously. When they listen to an order from Allah, they say "We hear, we obey" (2:286)

Allah States many facts in the Quran, such as:

(21:92)"Verily, this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah, and I am your Lord and Cherisher, therefore, Serve me (and no other)."

(23:52) "And verily, this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah, and I am your Lord and Cherisher, therefore, Fear me (and no other)."

Devout Muslims appreciate and respect the facts of the Quran, and consider them as guidance in life.

When verses are repeated in the Quran, they carry much importance and emphasis.

The silent majority of Muslims believe in Unity of Muslim Ummah, but the chiefs are adamant about rejecting that for very obvious reasons.

2. Definition of Muslims

The definition of a Muslim can be understood according to the hadeeth of Jibreel AKA, more popularly known as the "Hadeeth Jibreel", as narrated by Umar Ibn Al Khattab, when Jibreel asked the Messenger of Allah about Islam, he answered " Islam is that you witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and you establish the prayer, and you give the Zakat, and you fast Ramadan, and you perform the hajj of the House if you are able to take a way to it."

All Muslims agree on principal matters in Islam. The Foundation of Islam is Shahadah as a declaration of faith. Muslims have one Quran, one Kaabah, and one last prophet. They accept all messengers in the Quran. They pray 5 times a day, fast Ramadan, pay Zakat, and perform Hajj when they can. There are 8 accepted Mazhab (school of thoughts) in Fiqh (jurisprudence). Every Muslim is free to accept a Mazhab. All Imams of accepted Mazhab never rejected other Mazhab. Allah made the Quran and Islam simple, but some people exert much effort to make them hard and confusing.

3. Unity of the Ummah

Unity of Ummah is a primary and important goal that we must strive for, and there is a serious warning from Allah for those who create division among Muslim.

(6:159) "As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least"

But our reality is we are divided into 57 nations, and most of them are divided further into tribes. Allah says there are no sects in Islam, but we have Sunni and Shiah sects. Against the orders of Allah, some Muslims believe their sect, country, or tribe is more important than Islam.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organization grouping 57 countries which attempt to pool their resources together, combine their efforts, and speak with one voice to safeguard the interests and secure the progress and well-being of their peoples and of all Muslims in the world. OIC is a great first step; however representatives of OIC are from Muslim governments who do not necessarily agree on matters of vital importance.

There is also an urgent need for association of Muslim scholars from all Muslim counties that settles dividing religious issues between Muslims. In the absence of Khilafah, this association should strive to bring unity and harmony between Muslims. They should meet frequently because Muslims are facing many problems.

4. Assume first that you are wrong

Assume first that you, not your Muslim Brother, may be wrong, and see how you find the truth impartially. If you really want to

find the truth, you can ask an Islamic scholar, or read accepted books.

5. Manners for Disagreement

You should be as enthusiastic about listening to your brother's evidence and argument as you are giving your evidence and

argument, and be pleasant and smiling whether the result is for you or against you.

In those areas where differences may arise due to ijtihad but will lead to disharmony, it is the right of the Khalifah to adopt an opinion which he believes to be correct and for the believers to obey. Two Fiqh principles exist which state:

Imam’s decree settles disputes.

Imam’s decree is obeyed openly and privately.

When the Prophet (SAW) passed away and the companions were busy appointing the first Khalifah, a suggestion was made to have two leaders, one from the Ansar and one from the Muhajireen. Abu Bakr (RA) replied by saying that this will cause divisions and infighting, as well as people making bidah and would cease to refer to the Prophet's example in conducting their affairs. Abu Bakr (RA) had the insight to realize that without the one leader, problems would arise. So the many 'problems' that exist today are merely the symptoms of the MAIN problem, that being the absence of the leader of the Muslim Ummah.

In the absence of Khilafah, there is a vital need for an organization of Islamic scholars from all Muslim countries, to examine Islamic issues important to Muslims.

6. Possibility of Multiple Correct Answers

Evidence for this is an incident in which the Prophet (SAW) witnessed the companions disputing, but did not rebuke them for doing so. The incident relates to the dispute regarding the Asr prayer on their way to Bani Qurayzah. The Prophet instructed the companions to go and fight the Jews. He said, "Do not pray until you get to Bani Qurayzah". On route to Bani Qurayzah the time for Asr was drawing to a close. A dispute ensued. One group understood the prophet's command metaphorically, thinking that the Prophet (SAW) meant hurry up. A party of the believers prayed there whilst the others prayed after Asr time when they arrived at Bani Qurayzah.

When they next met the Prophet (SAW) they asked him who was right and who was wrong. It is important to note the response. Only one of them could have been right, but the Prophet (SAW) did not point out who that was, rather he said, "Whoever performs ijtihad and errs will receive one reward. Whoever performs ijtihad and arrives at the correct answer gets double the reward."

Had it been haram to differ, the Prophet (SAW) would have rebuked those differing from the correct opinion and praised those who were right. This example teaches us to tolerate opposing Islamic opinions which are arrived at by those qualified to do so after performing ijtihad.

The scholars in the past recognized this; "The most learned amongst the people is also one who is most knowledgeable of the difference amongst the people" (Ghazali, Shawkani, Abu Zahrah)

Before performing Ijtihad it is a prerequisite for a scholar to be aware of all the differences on the issue at hand.

7. Group Participation in Agreed Upon Matters

Group Participation in Shahadah, praying, reading Quran, fasting Ramadan, performing Hajj, and paying Zakat should be performed.

We all agree on prohibiting alcohol, adultery, and gambling, we agree that honor and respect are due to Muslims, we agree on

educating Muslims and raising children with the necessary spiritual and physical training. Muslims should also participate as

groups in addressing many of the challenges that we face every day. In many cases, Muslims are working individually against

an influential campaign attacking our beliefs, and the moderate and peaceful nature of Islam. There are few successful Islamic

organizations, but we need much more efforts.

8. Be supportive to converts to Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion. Converts to Islam have tremendous courage than many born-Muslims do not have. They convert against many odds that many times put a huge pressure on them. In USA, think of the growing Latino and Afro-American brothers and sisters, and include them in your activities, and don�t attempt to confuse them with our traditional confusions.

9. Avoid labeling Muslims

A Muslim is a Muslim. This is the only name that is used in Quran. However, there are Muslim groups who call themselves other names, or attach other identities to the word Muslim. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly. These labels include: Sunni, shiah, salafi, conservative, moderate, liberal, fundamentalist, radical, progressive, secular, pluralist, Qadianis, even gay and lesbian Muslims. These labels are invented from within, and imported from the worst part of western culture. The bad and ugly labels claim to be Muslims who wants to impose their poisonous ideas as a way of reforming the Islamic Ummah to match the worst part of western culture.

10. Have mercy and don’t kill or torture another Human being

The record of Human rights is the worst in Muslim countries among all nations on Earth. Can you believe a Muslim saying In the name of Allah, the most compassionate the most merciful, who kills or tortures another human being? Can you believe the torture that is subjected to political adversaries and Islamic groups in Muslim countries? Can you believe the difference between the super rich and super poor in Muslim countries? Can you believe the number of unemployed Muslims in Muslim courtiers?

May Allah be pleased with Umar, who was concerned about the well being of sheep in the land of Islam.

11. Thinking of the Danger of the Blind Common Adversary

Muslims have many blind common adversaries. These are the people that attack the religion of Islam in the western Media and propagate verses in the Quran taken out of context. These are the people who publish hateful anti-Islam websites. There are even "Muslim Users groups" that are controlled by Christian missionaries and pluralist "Muslims". These are the people that wrote their own version of Quran, and claim its superiority on our authentic Quran. These are the people that use WMD (Weapons of Missionary Deception) to convert uneducated poor, weak, or sick Muslims to Christianity. They have budget of $ 6.8 billion a year. These common adversaries do not work individually, but within organization with a considerable budget. Muslims should work together to expose their deception following the order of Allah:

(16.125) "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious"

12. Sympathy for Those Who Do Not See the Light

The average non-Muslims do not see the light of Islam. They don’t attack Islam and Muslims. Muslims should not be angry with them or expose their shortcomings. A Muslim should seek Allah's help in making His message clearer to those who were listening.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

10. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Islamic Identity

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Please remember that Monday is our Islamic Youth Awakening day.

Please look at the above article in the above link to see videos and references.

A Good Muslim is a Good Human Being:

Islamic identity is your utmost possession. It is the only identification that matters on the Day of Judgment. It is your faith, your religion, your moral values, and your whole life. This identity is the one that makes you recognize Allah as the One and Only God of this Universe. This identity is the one that makes you wake up before sunrise and pray to Allah. This identity is the one that makes you kind, sincere, responsible, and thoughtful when you deal with people. This identity is the one that forbids you to lie, cheat, steal, gamble, and engage in any immoral behavior. This identity is the one that makes you realize and understand that Islam is a way of life. This identity is the one that makes you good human being, because good Muslim is a good human being.

First, it is necessary to define what is meant by the term "Islamic identity." Is it fulfilling the five pillars of Islam? It is limited to clothes? Is it growing beard or wearing of hijab? Is it learning the Arabic language? Is it studying only Islam? Is it a tangible, visible feature or an internal construct? Indeed, there is so much more to the Islamic identity we should be seeking to develop as proud Muslims.

The Islamic Identity is taken to mean the way of life of the Muslim, a comprehensive set of beliefs, practices and ideologies as derived from the Quran and the example of Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic identity is that which separates us from non Muslims. Robust Islamic Identity is also what separates between strong and shaky Muslims.

There is no contradiction between Islamic Identity and Nationality. If your nationality is American, then USA is your home, and you follow the rule of the land. There is no contradiction because the rule of the land does not force you to commit sins, cheat, lie, or use interest. This rule of the land does not obstruct your right to carry out your religious obligations, nor prevent you from being a good Muslim. Many people have different paper identifications. They have identifications, called passports, when they travel from one country to another. They have identifications, called driver licenses, when they drive. They have identifications, called voting registrations, when they vote in an election. They have identifications, called citizenships, when they acquire nationality of countries, and so on. These identifications are paper identifications. Islamic identity does not have paper identification, but it has action identification.

There is an urgent need to have a support system in schools and colleges. This can be in the form of Muslim student associations in schools and colleges. And if that is not feasible, small group of Muslim youth can form a group among themselves to support each other with the objective of becoming strong proud Muslims.

There are many other young Muslims in the West and, regrettably, in Muslim countries who are dissolved in Western Pop Culture. They don't realize that their Islamic Identity is their most valuable possession.

I was visiting a Christian friend who is very close to converting to Islam. He prays with me, but did not say Shahada yet. He talked to me about corruption of religions. He said" The Jews, by modifying and omitting texts from the Torah, corrupted it. The same thing have happened with the New Testament. Early Christians followed the The Ecumenical Councils of Church which changed Christianity from Monotheistic to polytheistic religion. Muslims could not corrupt the Quran, so they corrupt themselves. They seem to believe that because Quran states that Islam is the Only religion of God, they can do as they please - such as tyrant dictators oppressing people, something that is completely wrong and will be punished by Allah."

We all need Islamic Youth Awakening and we all you need to build a strong Islamic Identity, if we want success in this life and in the hereafter.


The education system is typically where the learning process starts, under the parent�s direction. Children are sent by their parents to schools with good intentions of an education and a chance for a better life. The children are placed in an environment where mixing of sexes is the norm through the placement of children in multi-gender classes and sporting teams. In the absence of parental Islamic guidance, these children grow up to believe such behavior is normal. This leads, in many cases, to considering the Islamic requirement of segregated sexes as 'old fashioned' or 'backward'. After years in such an environment, it is no surprise that we see so many young Muslims with 'boyfriends', and 'girlfriends'.

As early as in elementary schools in the West, boys and girls drink alcohol, use drugs, and practice sex. Muslim countries are no more a safe haven. Some boys and girls go to the bathrooms together, with no supervision from school administration. Most schools have no agenda for Hifz Quran to kids. Islamic schools are attacked in the west and been called "Madrasah" to indicate that these schools are graduating "terrorists."

In Sexual Education in the West, children are being taught that being promiscuous is a 'natural part of growing up'. They are supplied with contraceptive devices, giving them their tacit approval to commit adultery. These same classes teach that homosexuality is something in the genes and as such is a perfectly 'normal' kind of behavior.

In History, we see a Western view of the world in which the Christians are viewed as the only people worthy of any respect or any admiration. It is rare that mention is ever made of the great contribution made to the Western world from Muslims. It is even rarer that the names of the great Muslim scientists are mentioned. It is no wonder that many Muslim children end up with a sense of shame in being Muslim. This shame is often shown in their refusal to use their 'Muslim names', e.g. suddenly Muhammad becomes known as 'Mike'.

Proper Islamic education should counter the lies and the corruption fed to the children in school. It should be presented in such a way as to engender a feeling of pride in Islam. Furthermore, it should cover Islamic history to offset the lies taught in History, Islamic law to offset the lies taught in legal studies. Parents must take responsibility for arming their students with correct belief and sound knowledge to defend themselves from the decline of the Islamic identity.

Next, how many parents encourage their kids to memorize the Quran? Being Hafiz is an important part of the Islamic Identity. Islamic schools, used to teach Quran in many Muslim countries for kids in preschool, were cancelled. Not because of the current Western allegation of Madrasah, but long before that by secular governments. In the West you see many non-Arab Hafiz children, and in rare occasions you may see an Arab kid Hafiz.

I honestly believe that investing time with children to get them to memorize Quran and teach them Islamic education at home should pay off in the long run, avoiding terrible family crises in the future.

Peer Pressure:

Peer pressure is strong in all levels of schools and colleges. There are positive and negative peer pressures. Positive peer pressure is the influence of good Muslim friends who help strengthen our Iman (faith) and protect from committing sins. Peer pressure is a two way street. Someone may try to encourage you to a bad manner, and you counter back by positive peer pressure to resist getting evolved in bad or evil behavior, and encourage good Islamic behavior. Negative Peer pressure is responsible to a large extent for smoking cigarettes, going to nightclubs, using drugs or alcohol. For the most part, this article deals with negative peer pressure.

As early as junior high school, the pressure is on to attend the school dances. OK, dancing is fairly clear-cut. It is not permitted in Islam. But what about going to the football game and then going out to Pizza Hut afterwards with a bunch of friends? Innocent as this sort of evening sounds? Here you have to remember that the devil is a full-time worker. Peer pressure is at the core of what it means to exist among a group of friends. With non-Muslim friends (and regrettably even some Muslim friends), the pressure may come in the form or a simple offer to drive to the mall with several other boys and girls in one car, or to pair up in conversation with some one of the opposite gender, or to just try a sip of beer. With Muslim friends, the pressure may come in the form of sneaking out to movies, attending parties as a group as long as we do nott drink,or wast time at the mall. Not to mention the tremendous burden of freedom that comes with living on campus during the college years.

Peer pressure and Iman are inversely related. The more we give into peer pressure, the weaker our Iman becomes. Think about that for a minute. A Muslim’s Iman is strong as long as he seeks the pleasure of Allah in everything he does. So we could either stay alone or keep good friends. Staying alone, we would have no one to blame but the evil whispering of our own souls. But the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us that in being alone we are like sheep, easy prey for hungry wolves. Instead, we are encouraged to develop brotherhood and sisterhood, and most of all, to be surrounded by those who submit wholeheartedly to Allah (swt). We are reminded by Allah, "O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful." (Sura At-Tawba, 9:119).

While dealing with peer pressure is not easy, it is also not impossible. First, take a moment to reflect on your friends and their personalities. Do you ever feel uncomfortable because of their habits? Their character? Their suggestions? Their outlook on life? I am not asking you to judge your friends, I am simply asking you to gauge the level of influence they have on you.

You must teach yourself how to minimize the negative effects of peer pressure. Do not ever feel that you are missing out or living a boring life just because you do not give in to peer pressure. Study the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Learn what behavior is pleasing to Allah, and what kind of lifestyle is discouraged in Islam. If you are not armed with knowledge about the halaal and haraam aspects of daily life, you can never fully resist the temptation of peer pressure. Through knowledge, you will develop a better understanding of Islam, and through pious and righteous friends, you will strengthen your Iman.

Entertainment: TV, movies, and music:

What is the purpose of entertainment? Some may say it is a source of amusement, others may say it helps people rest and relax, and yet others may say it is a source of distraction from the worrisome routine of daily life. A commonly expected outcome of being entertained is for the heart to find some rest. And yet, the way for the heart to find rest is clearly given in the Quran, when Allah states, "Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." (Sura Raad, 13:28).

So what about TV, movies, and music? On the most part, the language, the images, the lyrics, the rhythms are all reflective of an outlook on life that is diametrically opposed to Islamic teachings.

Not only does the television serve as a window to the outside world, but for many parents it also serves as a full time baby-sitter for kids. Parents subject kids to scenes with violence, indecent acts or straight out fantasies just to get their kids off their back. TV shows Kids that fun is always associated with sins. The moral bankruptcy of most shows on TV is evident and Muslims should use their understanding of Islam as a benchmark for determining the truth from falsehood.

TV serves to convince the Muslim viewer that what they are seeing is the social norm. A good example is the so-called love scene that forms such a crucial element in movie or TV show. They paint the picture that somehow in some sort of sick way that sex equates with love and is a natural behavior. It is only to be expected that after years of constant brain washing with this message that the initial disgust a Muslim feels subsides to acceptance.

Many shows also focus heavily on parental-child conflict and often attempt to paint this sort of behavior as a 'normal' part of growing up. Typically, the solution to this conflict is either to fight back or to run away. In either case it teaches the children an Islamically inappropriate response to any conflict.

TV shows us how others live, or how others behave. It defines a standard for success, what qualities we see as admirable, what behavior we see as normal. Take for example the so-called lifestyle shows that feature so prominently on TV. We see expensive houses, lavishly decorated with all the accessories of this world and this is pushed onto us as the success ideal. If we are not strong in Islam then these TV-generated standards get adopted as our own. We will start to equate success with owning an expensive car or living in a big house. We will start to think that beauty is dependent on how we look. We will start to forget about the paradise that Allah has promised those that believe, and we will start trying to create a 'paradise' right here in this world. This is one of the major threats to our Islamic identity.

Movies and music have a lasting effect on our minds. Even after the images are gone, the words are finished and the rhythms have faded away, the influence lingers on. We can no longer justify our actions by saying that we will turn away from a sexually explicit scene or fast forward the tape during a violence scene. Neither can we blame the American movies and music as unIslamic and yet take the liberty of exposing ourselves and our families to the equally unIslamic ethnic entertainment such as Arabic movies, Indian songs, or Pakistani dramas. Yes, they may be some good in all of them, but the inevitable questions remain. Do any of the movies and songs help you to remember Allah? Do you increase your Islamic knowledge through these movies or the music?

Islamic Identity:

Perhaps the most critical challenge facing Muslim youth is the development of strong Islamic identity. While there are so many beautiful young brothers and sisters who are living according to Islam, this question of an Islamic identity has not received its due attention.

Our role model, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has left for us powerful teachings and yet we surrender to compromising and acting as if we have no criteria to guide us! Look back at your life, your family, your community and ask yourself how often we all have acted first and then referred our actions to the Quran and the Sunnah. We can no longer afford to use this backward approach to Islam.

Older generation never successfully grappled with the notion of an Islamic identity. Rather than developing programs, activities, and camps that could teach youth HOW to be Muslims, most of the time seems to have been spent on the DO’s and DON’Ts of Islam.

But the challenges for Muslim youth still remain: How can they develop, maintain and model their Islamic identity? How will they bring Islam to the non-Muslims unless they are confident of its teachings? Why will the non-Muslims give up their lifestyle and beliefs if Muslim youth present themselves as backward, unorganized, confused and most of all, unaware and uncomfortable of and with their own beliefs.

If the young generation remains steadfast to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), I have no doubt that the whole world will come to respect and admire us. Yes, there will be discrimination, prejudice and even racism along the way, but our perseverance and not our compromise will be rewarded by Allah. The emerging Islamic identity will not only be consistent with the teachings of Islam, but it will also send a strong signal to non-Muslims that we prosper because and not in spite of our beliefs in Islam.

We are witnessing a revival of Islam in its pure, pristine form. Void of cultural and national barriers, our identity is developing along paths more in line with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is indeed a mercy from Allah.

Thriving as a Muslim youth must not be a passive ambition but rather an active goal. Peer pressure, movies, music, and many other challenges will seem overwhelming at first. So let us make du�a that Allah protects our Iman and guides us all to develop a strong Islamic identity.



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Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

11. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Simple things you can do, that have great rewards from Allah.

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Please remember that Monday is our Islamic Youth Awakening day.

You feel there are Muslims who care about the well being of other Muslims, when you see youth in Morocco forming a group to clean Mosques, or youth in Egypt forming a group distributing food for poor people or taking care of orphans, or Medical doctors offering their services free of charge or at a nominal fee in USA and Egypt. AlHamdule Allah.

If you are engaging in a project, that helps other Muslims and you want to share it with them, please send it to us, and write "Project Share" on the subject. InShaa Allah, We will publish it so it can applied in other countries.


1. Take care of Orphans and Widows

Orphan welfare is a repetitive theme in the Quran. Verses encouraging good treatment of orphans are found throughout the Quran, creating a sense of responsibility towards orphans.

Of all people who need our understanding, sympathy, and help, widows and orphans need them most. A widow with little or no support often suffers a lot or is at a disadvantage. If she has children the problem becomes acute and the situation precarious. See what the Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

وَيُطْعِمُونَ الطَّعَامَ عَلَى حُبِّهِ مِسْكِينًا وَيَتِيمًا وَأَسِيرًا
إِنَّمَا نُطْعِمُكُمْ لِوَجْهِ اللَّهِ لا نُرِيدُ مِنكُمْ جَزَاء وَلا شُكُورًا
And They Feed, For The Love Of Allah, The Indigent, The Orphan, And The Captives, Saying: We Feed You For Allah's Sake: No Reward Do We Seek From You Nor Thanks.
(Surah 76: Ayah 8-9)
وَآتُواْ الْيَتَامَى أَمْوَالَهُمْ وَلاَ تَتَبَدَّلُواْ الْخَبِيثَ بِالطَّيِّبِ وَلاَ تَأْكُلُواْ أَمْوَالَهُمْ إِلَى أَمْوَالِكُمْ إِنَّهُ كَانَ حُوبًا كَبِيرًا
And As To The Orphans, Restore Their Property (When They Reach Their Age), Don't Substitute Your Bad Things For Their Good Ones, And Devour Not Their Funds (By Mixing It Up) With Your Own;
For Of A Certainty This Is A Great Sin.
(Surah 4: Ayah 2)
وَأَمَّا السَّائِلَ فَلا تَنْهَرْ وَأَمَّا بِنِعْمَةِ رَبِّكَ فَحَدِّثْ
...Therefore, Treat Not The Orphan With Oppression, Nor Be Harsh To The Seeker Of Information, But Speak Publicly Of The Bounty Of Your Lord.
(Surah 93: Ayah 9-11)
أَرَأَيْتَ الَّذِي يُكَذِّبُ بِالدِّينِ فَذَلِكَ الَّذِي يَدُعُّ الْيَتِيمَ وَلا يَحُضُّ عَلَى طَعَامِ الْمِسْكِينِ
Have You Seen The One Who Denies Religion? It Is He Who Turns Away The Orphan And Does
Not Urge Others To Feed The Poor....
(Surah 107: Ayah 1-3)
This affinity between the orphan and the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) is expressed with great clarity in the sacred tradition (hadith) There is a promise of Paradise for anyone who looks after an orphan:
أنا وكافلُ اليَـتيمِ في الجَنَّةِ هكذا (وأشار بإصبعيه السبابة والوسطى
"I, and the one who looks after an orphan, will be together like this in the next world", then he raised his index and middle fingers together. (Hadith Muslim)
The important lesson Muslims have taken from this well-known hadith is that to choose the companionship of an orphan is to choose the companionship of the Prophet himself (Allah bless him and give him peace).
Allah (swt) urges us to do everything in our power to help the orphans and widows. That means not only material help but also help with their worldly affairs. Allah rewards us (thawaab) very well for these deeds and He oversees and knows all about us.
Let us take some Hadiths in this regard. Muhammad (pbuh) says:
السَّاعي على ألأرْمَلةِ والمِسْكينِ كَالمُجَاهدُ في سَبيلِ اللهِ أو القائمِ الَّليْـل الصائمِ النهار
A Giver Of Maintenance To The Widows And The Poor Is Like A Giver In The Way Of God, An Utterer Of Prayers All Night, And Fasting During The Day. Bukhari
Other Hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) and/or sayings of the Imams are given here:
The Person Who Strives For The Widows And The Poor Is Like One Who Strives In The Way Of God.
"You see, a widow is in need," continued Abdul-Rahman, "And it is an honor to help and support her. It is essential we strive hard to assist and support the widow and orphan.

2. Take care of the sick

Islam is the religion of compassion and mercy. Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) said:

حقُّ المسلمِ على المسلمِ خَمْسٌ: رَدُّ السَّلام، وعِيادَةُ المريضِ، واتِّباعُ الجَّنائز، وإجابةُ الدعْوةِ، وتَشْميتُ العاطِسِ
The Rights Of A Muslim Over Another Are Five:
Answering The Greetings, Visiting The Sick, Attend The Funeral Procession, Accept The Invitation, And Bless Him When He Sneezes.
Muttafaq Alayh
Other Hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) and/or sayings of the Imams are given here:
Feed The Hungry, Visit The Sick, And Free The Captive If He Is Unjustly Confined. Assist Any Person Oppressed, Whether Muslim Or Non‑Muslim.
When You Go To Visit The Sick Comfort Him In His Grief And Wish Him Well And To Live Long. Though Such Sympathy Will Not Prevent His Due Course, It Will Comfort Him And Solace His Soul.
A sick person needs extra care and sympathy. All of us, sooner or later, are likely to get sick. On becoming ill we feel troubled and even develop a bad temper, or simply feel very bad or worry about our condition among other things.
As Muslims we must comfort the sick and make him feel at ease. Sometimes words of assurance act like medicine�not that they will cure him, but just to make him feel better.
Won't it be good, then, to visit and comfort the sick, be they in a hospital or at home? Won't it be nice to be good company to a sick person, the very one who appreci�ates such company? Yes, it is a solace to his soul."

3. Take care of Neighbors

A neighborhood blessed with friendly families is a marvelous community. They exchange visits, help each other, and what is offered one day will be offered back later. The children and adults become trusted friends, and all will establish healthy, happy relationships. The Holy Quran says about neighborliness:
وَاعْبُدُواْ اللّهَ وَلاَ تُشْرِكُواْ بِهِ شَيْئًا وَبِالْوَالِدَيْنِ إِحْسَانًا وَبِذِي الْقُرْبَى وَالْيَتَامَى وَالْمَسَاكِينِ وَالْجَارِ ذِي الْقُرْبَى وَالْجَارِ الْجُنُبِ وَالصَّاحِبِ بِالجَنبِ وَابْنِ السَّبِيلِ وَمَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُكُمْ إِنَّ اللّهَ لاَ يُحِبُّ مَن كَانَ مُخْتَالاً فَخُورًا
Serve Allah And Associate None With Him. Show Kindness To Your Parents And Kinsfolk, And To The Orphans, To The Needy, To Your Near And Distant Neighbors, To Your Fellow‑Travelers, To The Wayfarer, And To What Your Right Hands Possess: For Allah Loves Not The Arrogant And Haughty Men.
(Surah 4: Ayah 36)
The Almighty enjoins on us to be good to our parents first, then relatives, then orphans and those in need; then He directs us to do good to our neighbors. Being good to neighbors is enjoined by Allah (swt). There are many Hadiths and recommendations about neighborliness. Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said: مَن كانَ يُؤمنُ باللهِ والَيومِ الآخِر فليَـقُل خَيراً أو ِليَصْمُت
ومَن كانَ يُؤمنُ باللهِ والَيومِ الآخِر فلْيُكرمٍ جَـاره
ومَن كانَ يُؤمنُ باللهِ والَيومِ الآخِر فلْيُكرمٍ ضَيْفَه
Let The Believer In Allah And Day Of Judgment Either Speak Good Or Keep Silent. Let The Believer In Allah And Day Of Judgment Honor His Neighbor. Let The Believer In Allah And Day Of Judgment Honor His Guest
Muslim And Bukhari
ما زآل جِبْـريلُ يُوصِيني بالجَّـار حتّى ظَننتُ أنه سَيُورثُه
A'isha Relates That The Holy Prophet Said `Gabriel Advised Me So Repeatedly To Care For My Neighbor That I Thought Allah Was To Make The Neighbor My Inheritor!
Muttafaq Alayh
خَيرُ الأصْحابِ عند اللهِ تعالى خَيْرُهم لِصاحِبهِ، وخَيرُ الجِيرانِ عند اللهِ تعالى خَيْرُهم لِجارِهِ
The Finest In The Sight Of Allah Is The Person Who Is Best To His Friends. And The Finest In The Sight Of Allah Is The Person Who Is Best To His Neighbor. Tirmidhi
مَن كانَ يُؤمنُ باللهِ والَيومِ الآخِر فَلْيُحسِن إلى جَارهِ...
Let Him Who Believes In Allah And The Day Of Judgment Not Harm His Neighbor..
"As you read the above Hadiths, MuhammadAli," continued Abdul-Rahman, "You will notice how important it is to be neighborly. It is wonderful to be neighborly, help those nearby, be good friends with them, and cooperate with them. Not only will the children benefit, but so will the adults and the whole neighborhood as well. This is more so if our neighbors are elderly or disabled, needing our help and understanding."

4. Take care of streets

I can't believe the streets of the Ummah of cleanliness are so dirty. A Weekly Event to help Clean your Street after Fajr prayer with few brothers.

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) said: �Faith has over seventy branches or over sixty branches, the most excellent of which is the declaration that there is no god but Allah, and the humblest of which is the, removal of what is injurious from the path: and modesty is the branch of faith.� (Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0056)

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said "Once a man, who was passing through a road, found a branch of a tree with thorns obstructing it. The man removed the thorns from the way. Allah thanked him and forgave his sins." (Bukhari)

5. Take care of Trees

Adopt a tree Plant a tree and give it water.

The are a number of hadiths which refer to taking care of trees. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, "Whenever Muslims plant a tree, they will earn the reward of charity because of the food that comes from it; and likewise what is stolen from it, what the wild beasts eat out of it, what the birds eat out of it, and what people take from it is charity for them" (Muslim).

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is also reported to have said, "Muslims will always earn the reward of charity for planting a tree, sowing a crop and then birds, humans, and animals eat from it" (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

6. Driving a Car in some Muslim Countries

Driving a Car in some Muslim Countries is simply irresponsible and shows a terrible manners. No respect of human beings who are walking in streets. As if the car driver is from a higher class, and the pedestrians are not humans that are in most case better humans than the driver himself in the eyes of Allah. This arrogance attitude lead to hellfire, because as our Prophet said " No one will enter Paradise if he/she has the weight of a seed of arrogance" This is very dangerous. Why these car drivers respect traffic lights when they go to western countries? Someone needs to start a campaign against reckless driving in Muslim courtiers. Find a way for car drivers to respect pedestrians and traffic light.

7. Cleanliness is part of Iman (Faith)

When you go to public toilet, or even a toilet in a mosque, in many Muslim cities, you find it dirty with terrible smell. The person who causes that forget or ignore, that Islam is a religion cleanliness. We perform Wudu (Ablution) five times a day. Quran and Sunnah makes Wudu a requirement for prayer. our beloved Prophet Muhammad ordered Muslims to make Wudu in the desert where water is scarce, whether water is cold or hot. Please clean toilet after you finish, and don't leave it dirty for the next person. Please, just fear Allah.

Sometimes even when Muslims have conference or Eid prayer in a Western country, they leaves toilets in a disgusting form. Who would believe us if we claim that Islam is a religion of cleanliness?

8. Teach yourself Arabic (Language of Quran)

Arabic Language IS the Language of the Quran. Whenever, there was Caliphate, the language of the Islamic Ummah was Arabic. This should be the language that we talk to each other with. Unfortunately, some Muslims think that this is a racist idea. It is not. I have seen some of those brothers/sisters to think this call to learn Arabic is a racist idea or project supremacy of Arabs, only to change their minds few years later, adopt this call, and encourage their children to learn Arabic.

Website teaching Arabic:  From 

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

12. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Schools for Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign

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The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

Please remember that Monday is our Islamic Youth Awakening day.

IQA: IANT Quranic Academy: posts articles of this Campaign on Bulletin Board.

Please look at :  For school founder and Huffaz Quran in school.

If you have the dream of making your child a Hafiz without sacrificing regular schooling, IQA is your best choice. IQA is supervised by a school committee operating under the auspices of the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT), and is operated by a full-time administrative team. IQA is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), operates in conjunction with the school committee and administrative team to provide a valued channel for parent involvement and cooperation.

The school was founded by Dr. Yusuf Kavakci, Resident Imam of Dallas Central Mosque.

IANT Quranic Academy (IQA) is the manifestation of a long-standing dream of Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavkci, the Imam of the Islamic Association of North Texas and founder/first Principal of IQA. His vision is to see an academy devoted to the mission of developing a new generation of American Muslim scholars who are raised within the culture of the United States while possessing knowledge of classical Islamic scholarship, and who can provide leadership for the Muslim Ummah in the 21st century. In fulfillment of this dream, Dr. Kavakci teamed up with Muhammad Al-Amin, a successful local businessman who championed the practical aspects of the effort to get such an academy up and running. Their efforts came to fruition when IQA launched operations in the fall of 2002. The Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT), a venerable organization that has seen the rise of Islam in North Texas over the past 40 years, agreed to sponsor the startup and to house the academy on the second floor of the Dallas Central Mosque. With only a handful of teachers and approximately 25 students, the hum of Quran memorization and other sounds of children and learning filled the hall. Administrative training and support was offered by Brighter Horizons Academy, (BHA), IQA sister school, having had its own start in the Dallas Central Mosque over a decade before. Now, in its 6th year of operation, IQA currently has nearly 40 staff members offering Quran memorization and a full academic program from kindergarten to grade ten for over 200 students. IQA has been highly recommended for accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and is a member of First Amendment Schools.

Mission statement:

To develop the next generation of American Muslim scholars who possess an upright and noble character through integrated training in the religious and contemporary sciences, and who are capable of meeting the modern challenges of our diverse society through guidance, service, and leadership.

This Month of Ramadan, 1429, IQA Celebrates Our 22 Huffaz May Allah Preserve Them.

May Allah SWT make all Muslim kids Huffaz Quran Amen.

If you know an Islamic school that encourages Islamic Youth Awakening, and posts articles of this Campaign on Bulletin Board, send us information about this school. We will add it InShaa Allah.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

13. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Kids for Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign

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Please remember that Monday is our Islamic Youth Awakening day.

Two great Muslim Kids:

Dannah Diebas (10 years old Girl) A defender of Islam:

When I was in Pre-Kindergarten, we had a Christmas party in the class, one girl said that God is Baby Jesus. I asked her; Are you serious? Does God put pamper on? God is up there in the sky and He can't be a baby. He doesn�t eat or drink. He is God. Since that time, I can't stand still if any one mocks God, My God and the God of this whole Universe.

When I went to Islamic school in Kindergarten, I had a wonderful teacher, sister Nosheen of BHA. She taught us the solar system, the planets, the black hole. She gave us a feeling of how big this Universe is, and this is a proof God is great.

Now I am reading about the Big Bang, and how the universe started 12 billion years ago. The big bang started from a very tiny piece in space. Then Allah caused it to explode, and here we have all those galaxies, stars, and plants. To think that this entire universe came from a small piece is amazing. But Allah is The Creator, and when He wants anything, He says: Be and it is.

I used to love American songs, not bad songs. But when I head I am not afraid to stand alone of Native Deen, I really loved it. I kept listening to it with my 2 younger sisters who loved it too. We all danced to the music of this song. Also, we all love the song of Zain Bhikha "My Mon is amazing" these are our favorite songs.

My parents are good Muslims, they pray, fast, and always teach me good manners. AlHamdleAllah, I have my wonderful Muslim parents. InShaa Allah, I hope to be Hafiz Quran. I memorized the last Juzaa, Surah Yaseen, and I read all Surat Al Baqarah in Arabic. We have a nanny from Indonesia who knows the whole Quran, and recites Quran in a beautiful voice.

I want all kids to be good Muslims, stop listening to bad TV shows and songs. I have many Hijabs. My parents and grandparents tell me when I put Hijab, I look like an angle. When you put on Hijab, somehow the light of Islam comes to your face. Please try to be good Muslim.

I want all Muslim Kids to read Quran and Islamic stories. I want all Muslim kids to listen to their Parent and be nice to them, be kind to elderly, and merciful to young kids. I want all Muslim kids to study hard, because you have to be strong Muslim by practicing Islam and acquiring knowledge. Make reading one of your best hobby. The first word in the Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad is "Read". When Allah tells us something, we say "we hear, we obey" May Allah Bless you all.

Nusrat Valdez (13 years old Girl), I'm not afraid to stand alone:

I'm not afraid to stand alone, or to say where I am from. I'm not afraid to say I am a Muslim, and I'm not afraid to say I accepted Islam as my religion to practice. I'm not afraid to tell someone that he/she is wrong, neither

to tell he/she that I don't agree from what they are saying. I'm not afraid to tell someone who my father and mother are because they have taken care of me since I was born. And at last of all the things I am not afraid to wear

hijab outside or inside, because I have accepted to wear it as a symbol that I have accepted Islam as my religion.

But I am afraid of Allah. The one who created the heavens and the earth. The one who created the universe in six days. Without saying he was tired .It is Allah I am afraid of not anyone else.

I've known people who are afraid to wear hijab, and sometimes I ask myself why there afraid? But I know that not

all people think the same so that's why I leave everything for Allah to take care of .I have learned lots of things from

Islam and I'm proud of it .I'm not afraid to tell someone the truth if they ask for it because they have asked for it. I'm not afraid to give money to the poor because I know that Allah will insha'alah will give me more than I have given.

In my life I have learned lessons that give me knowledge to recognize what's wrong and what's right .The ability to know what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do .For example: this new artists and songs are taking over us. We no longer capture what's wrong and what are right .The board games like monopoly wastes your time, when you can be helping your mom cook or water the plants. Allah gave you a brain to distinguish what's wrong and what's right .So think about things before you act.

I am not afraid of anything in this world but Allah .And as I said I am not afraid of saying who I am and where I belong, I am proud of who I am and I will always will .I can go outside with hijab without being afraid, and without worrying who sees me or what they say, because they are no one to judge me to what I wear and why I wear it. If I say I am a Muslim and I have accepted Islam as my religion I am not afraid to say it. The only thing in this world that I will always fear is Allah, the creator and the only one who can make things without mistakes .I will always fear him and respect him.

Watch Nusrat Valdez and her father and mother in this video: LATINOS IN AMERICA ARE TURNING TO ISLAM

If you know a Muslim kid committed to Islamic Youth Awakening, send us an article. We will add it InShaa Allah.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

14. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Muslim Youth Code of Honor

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Please sign this petition at :

With more than 500 Million Muslim Youth, Can we have a million signature a year?

Please sign and show your support to your religion, your identity.

Please remember that Monday is our Islamic Youth Awakening day.

Muslim Youth Code of Honor

We, a new generation of young Muslims, in order to protect our Islamic traditions and achieve Islamic moral excellence, do affirm and pledge this declaration.

When character and morality are uncommon qualities,

When most media and TV seek to profit from destroying our Islamic identity,

When Western pop culture icons do not represent our values,

When Islamic beliefs are labeled as intolerant and backward,

When secularists seek to remove God from our lives,

When truth is deemed relative and inexplicable.

It is necessary for us, the emerging generation of young Muslims, to stand for what is right and reclaim the values that have made our civilization one of the greatest in history. We call our Ummah to a higher standard, a lifestyle based

not on convenience, but on character,

not on what is easy, but what is excellent,

not on what feels good, but what is right,

not on popularity, but on principle,

not on what is tempting, but what is true.

We, as young Muslims, assert our right to determine our future and the future of our great Ummah. We hold these truths as our God-given rights, and we embrace them with our hearts and our lives:

We recognize that God, our Creator, is the source of all truth, and the Quran is the authentic Word of God.

We recognize that Muhammad (PBUH), the last prophet, his companions, and his wives are our role model for all our life situations.

We pledge to love, honor, and respect our parents, teachers, and elders.

We recognize that we are all brothers and sisters belonging to the great Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH)

We recognize that Islam is not based on race, color, wealth, tribes, Mazhab, and nationality. We condemn tribal Muslim feuds in the same nation, and division of any Muslim country.

We acknowledge the five pillars of Islam: Shahada, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat, and Pilgrimage to Mecca for the one who can perform this duty. Anyone who believes in the 5 pillars of Islam is a Muslim.

We will work to see that every person has the opportunity to see and hear about the Greatness of our God, and the purity of our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

We recognize that human life is sacred, and that killing a single innocent human is as killing all people.

We reject rhetoric of Takfir against anyone who believes in the Oneness and Supremacy of God, the prophethood of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, as the last Messenger of God , in the reality of the Day of Judgment, and in the five pillars of Islam.

We pledge to respect other Muslims and all places of worships. We recognize that disagreement between Muslims should only be expressed in respectful manner.

We understand and respect differences in performing worship between Muslims of different Mazhabs.

We will live with honor, always striving to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular.

We will be honest and truthful in matters large and small, regardless of the consequences.

We will take responsibility for our actions, and not point to governments, schools, celebrities, parents, or friends to justify our wrong decisions. We recognize that we are responsible for our mistakes.

We will pursue purity throughout our lives. We will not be seduced by fabricated ideas of romance and love. We will save our bodies and hearts for our future spouses, and once married, we commit to pursue faithful and Islamic relationships.

We will see through the lies of drugs and alcohol and refuse to let any intoxicant influence our thinking or destroy our lives.

We will reach out with compassion to the hurting and less fortunate, both in our society and around the world. We refuse to be absorbed with our own comforts and desires.

We will set a good example of ourselves to the non-Muslims, manifested in our conduct and attitudes among ourselves and to others.

We will do our best to represent and communicate our Creator to our peers, leaders, and society as a whole using wisdom and sincere advice.

All this we declare on our own free will, without any hesitation, mental reservation, by him in whose hand our souls are!

In signing, we commit to pursue a life that exemplifies these standards. We refuse to sit idly by and witness the destruction of our generation. With God�s help, we envision a bright and prosperous future for the Ummah we love.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie

15. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - What are your priorities in life?

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The video is Br. David McClung reading this email.

One day over 30 years ago, an English lady came to a mosque to inquire about Islam. She presented herself as a nurse, divorced, with two sons. She asked me about Islam, I said "Can I ask you a question first? What are your priorities?" She paused for awhile, then she said "I don't know, I never thought about that" She seemed stunned by my question, and I was stunned about her answer.

This life is a journey from birth to death. The average life of a human is about 60-80 years. When compared to the time since the creation of the universe, between 12-15 billion years, seems extremely small. It does not even exist.

In Surah 102 of the Quran, the authentic words of God, defines death in the graves as a visit:

"The mutual rivalry (for piling up of worldly things) diverts you. Until you visit the graves (i.e. till you die). Nay! You shall come to know! Again nay! You shall come to know! Nay! If you knew with a sure knowledge (the end result of piling up, you would not have been occupied yourselves in worldly things). Verily, You shall see the blazing Fire (Hell)! And again, you shall see it with certainty of sight! Then on that Day you shall be asked about the delights (you indulged in, in this world)!"

To understand your priorities to have a successful and righteous life on this earth, in the graves, and in the hereafter, your priorities should be:

God: to believe in God, and to keep ALL His commandments.

Family: Parent should take care of their family, teach them to be righteous, and help their children in studying. The children should obey their parents, respect them, and have mercy on them. These are the commandments of God.

Work: You need to work to provide for yourself and your family

Let me explain what priorities mean. Suppose you are studying with your kids (second priority), and prayer time is due (first priority), you need to do the first priority. Suppose you are working (thirds priority), and one member of your family needs help (second priority), you need to do the second priority. And remember the saying "You pay a little now, or you pay much more later"

If you follow this priorities list, you will have much less problems in your life.

Sometimes we have very interesting and yet vital questions that linger in our minds:

♦ Why do humans suffer and how can one be happy?

♦ What is the purpose of this life?

♦ What will happen to us after death?

♦ Does God exist?

♦ Were we created or did we evolve from apes?

♦ Why do we have this huge universe?

When one asks these questions to anyone, one gets different answers such as:

♦ I do not care, and I just want to enjoy my life.

♦ Leave me alone. I am trying to survive.

♦ I do not know. I never thought about that.

♦ I know that God exists, but I am confused with all those religions. I do not know which one is right. I will try to live a good moral life, and that is it.

♦ I know that God exists, but I am not really doing a good job in preparing myself to meet Him. Maybe I will do that when I retire and have more time.

Only a small percentage of people know why they exist, and they are living their lives the way it is supposed to be. Those are the people who understand their priorities in life and act accordingly. Those are the people who appreciate human knowledge and know its limitation. Those are the people who realize the difference between science and reality. Einstein said "One thing I have learned in a long life - that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike... Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

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Dr. Adel Elsaie

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One day I had dinner with a friend. We were talking about career, life, present, past, and future, the usual chat. One question came up about plans for the future and what we hope to achieve. He told me that his plan for his life is to retire when he is 64. After that, he would work on his farm growing cattle and enjoying a peaceful life. At the age of 72, he will be sick, and die at 74. I laughed, and asked him how does he know that he is going to die at 74. He answered me with a: "Don't you know statistics? Statistics say that men live until they are 74." He was convinced that he was going to live until 74. A few days later, my daughter came to tell me that one of her colleagues from high school died in a car accident. He was 21. I remembered my friend, and I said statistics do not mean a thing if it is about life and death. Even if statistics shows that 99% of the men die at 74, that is not a guarantee for anyone that he will live that long. He simply could be among the remaining 1%.

How little we know. Scientists tell us that this whole universe started 8, 15, or 20 billion years ago, and these days, each person lives for 1, 20, 70, or 90 years. Life span is very small compared to that of our universe. We live our lives in constant trials to improve our way of living. However, we are not sure if we are going to succeed or fail in those trials. But, only one thing is certain and that is everyone is going to die. As a matter of fact, we are born with a sentence of death. Now imagine that our life started in a courtroom when the judge announces that we are sentenced to death. Then our whole life is just like waiting for the judge to announce when, where, and how we are going to die. This is not an attempt to paint a gloomy picture on life. This is an honest attempt to put life in its real perspective, because this concept of living in a prison waiting the decision of the judge can actually improve life, set our priorities in order, and project a sense of humility in our life.

One time, I had problems with the air conditioning unit in my car during a hot summer. My priority at that time was to find an honest car mechanic to fix the car. I had so many troubles finding one. Few days later, I went to my physician to have a physical examination. He told me that he suspected cancer. Now, you can imagine what happened to my car problem! The cancer turned out to be a false alarm, and I am grateful to God for giving me more time.

How many times does a "healthy" person visit a doctor for a routine physical examination to be told that he is terminally ill and has few months to live? How many times does someone driving his car, get involved in a fatal car accident? How many times do people die in a natural catastrophe? The fact is we do not know when, where, and how we will die, and probably we do not want to think about death. However, the first step to understand many facts should start by believing the only shocking fact in our lives: death. To approach that, take the following priority test:

What would you do if you were told that?

You have 20 years to live?

You have 1 year to live?

You have 6 months to live?

You have one month to live?

You may die at any moment?

These are not the kind of questions that you read in a book, only to continue reading the next sentence. Ask yourself these questions, and stop here and think. Try to write your answers. When it comes to the possibility of knowing that you have only one month to live, very many things will change in your life. Your priorities will turn upside down. Things that used to bother you before will loose their significance. And other things that you used to ignore will become important.

The 15 Minutes Criterion

Now, try something else. Imagine yourself laying down in bed, and you are in your final moments. Actually, your final 15 minutes in this life. What are you going to be thinking of? How are you going to evaluate your life? Is there something that you wanted to do and kept postponing it? Did you actually live your life the way you wanted?

Remembering death could be a very positive experience in our lives. You can use "The 15 Minutes Criterion" to overcome many frustrations in life. When you face many of the disappointing situations in your life, you can judge the importance of that frustration by whether or not you will think about it during your last 15 minutes before death. Next time you have a frustrating experience, remember the 15 minutes criterion, and put that experience in its real magnitude.

People who encountered a near death situation tell us that their priorities changed drastically. They say that they started appreciating flowers, human relations, etc. Some even start thinking about God. The question is why should we have to wait for a near death experience to think or feel. And are we going to have a second chance of life or are we not going to have a chance at all.

One day I attended a very interesting speech by Dr. Nizam Peerrwani, the medical examiner of Fort Worth, Texas, about death from a scientific point of view. The following is an extract from his speech:

"Medically, death is only an abstract noun which is meaningful to laymen, lawyers, philosophers and the clergy but which is very inadequate as a biological description. It is, however, a useful and convenient term to describe death as a disintegrating biological process in which we may recognize a beginning and an end, with striking changes in between. Although legally and religiously, there is a precise moment of death, there is really no moment in time at which it occurs. We die in bits and pieces, hence medically, we can only state with reasonable certainty that death occurs when it can be demonstrated that an irreversible disintegrating process has started.

We recognize that there are three independent systems necessary for the maintenance of life, namely respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. Failure of any one system leads to the failure of the other two, and thus death occurs. Since the precise moment of death is a legal definition, there had to be some legal criteria based upon medical understanding of the process of death. Death was defined by the simple criteria of the failure of either the cardiac or the respiratory system. No mention, thus far, was made of the nervous system. In the 1960s, the advent of human organ transplantation caused scrutiny to be directed towards the definition of death. Tissues such as heart valves, bone, skin, cornea, and tendon can be used from a non-heart-beating donor. Other organs such as hearts, kidneys, livers etc. can only be used from heart-beating donors. Committees were formed to examine the exact definition of death, tens of whom were physicians representing various medical specialties such as anesthesiology, neurology, pathology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, general surgery, and internal medicine, as well as lawyers, theologians, and historians of science. The purpose of these committees is to try to distinguish true brain death with irreversible termination of brain function from vegetative state in which a patient in a coma may exhibit spontaneous respiration upon removal of life support systems or may have brain stem reflexes. There is no complete agreement on the exact moment of death, and any existing criteria of death may be challenged in courts. The conclusion is that we do not understand fully the only common fact in our lives. And the irony is there are those who claim relentlessly that they know all the facts in the universe."

How can anyone be arrogant after knowing what is going to happen after being pronounced dead. Medically, body changes become evident in the first and subsequent hours after death. These changes include four steps:

1. Body cooling: body begins to lose its temperature at approximately 1/2 - 1 degrees each hour until it reaches that of the environment, provided that the environment is colder than that of the body.

2. Body stiffening: shortly after death, within 3 - 4 hours, the body begins to stiffen. By the 12th hour after death, the entire body is stiff. Once the body begins to decompose, it then begins to lack firmness.

3. Gravitation of blood: with the termination of the heartbeat, blood begins to collect in the dependent portions of the body after death. Within 8 - 10 hours after death, blood is pooled in all these areas and cannot be displaced if the body is turned over.

4. Decomposition: decomposition involves different processes, which may occur singly or in combination. Decomposition of a body includes the following:

Breakdown of cells and organs caused by slow down of chemical processes by lack of heat.

Bacterial growth in the tissues generally arises from the large bowel where they reside in large numbers during life. Bacterial growth affects the tissues by changing their color, producing multiple different gases, and resulting in gradual softening of the tissues.

Mummification when bodies are buried in dry or warm soil due to dehydration.

Some of the fatty tissues are transformed into a soap-like substance.

Thus the human being decomposes to chemicals worth approximately 5 dollars buried in the ground, while some humans, throughout their lives, have pride worth a million dollars. Death transforms the life of a human being from a state of action without knowledge to a state of knowledge without action. If we truly know that we are going to die, how can we be arrogant or stubborn? Arrogance is the main reason why we do not think straight. If you search for one human trait that produced so much pain and suffering, that took humanity in wrong directions, and that started wars: it is arrogance. Hitler started the Second World War because he believed in the supremacy of the German race. History tells us of pharaohs and kings who placed themselves above everyone else to the extent of making themselves gods. Arrogance is the one single character that destroys peace and security that everyone is trying to achieve. After all, it is the original sin of Satan.

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie