Emails with a Christian Man

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Maryam: American White Christian Sister who was helping me

Adel: is me.

Ken: Christian man

Sister Maryam was emailing Ken. Then she included me in these email

David Wood Destroyed by Yusuf Estes

Salam Alaikum (Peace be upon you) Sister Maryam

Peace be upon you Dear Ken
This is now really fun, so sister Maryam, does not know the Bible very well, and I, the born Muslim, don't understand the Bible. Only our dear friend Ken knows it all.
I see that this is going to be fruitless so long as you try to insult me.  I know little about Islam, what I know is what I see. 
I said at the end of this email:
I guess I know you now, and I may expect a short answer from you like that "This is a lie, and the Bible verse are taken out of context"
I guess I was right You just made this sentence longer than I expected.
ANYTHING that contradicts Jesus Christ is a lie.  It's that simple.  Is it any difference than a Muslim saying that the Bible has been changed so it can't be trusted?  Do you see the double standard here?  The Bible calls it hipocrasy.
Sorry about the 2 links. Here they are:
Persian Trinity
Christian Trinity 
and the 16  questions are near the end of this page.
If you want to read more about trinities, go to table of contents in: 
and look at chapter 2.
I remember you tried to explain Trinity, and then finally said it is hard, just like the NY Christian Prof. who said that his students had trouble understanding it.
I am humble enough to say that I do not understand all that is in my Bible.  There is 2000 years of culture and two languages that separate us.  But the things that I do understand I am firm on.  It is very obvious that neither you nor Maryam understand the Bible as much as she believes.  Your comment about Jesus' followers being little furry animals epitomizes the example.  The Bible is full of metaphors that do not make sense in our culture but if taken in the context of the contemporary culture most make perfect sense.
If you want to know how Trinity was included in Christianity, read:
6.9 The Ecumenical Councils of Church in:
Please admit it: Jesus exist, but trinity does not exist. It was imported from pagan religions by pagan converts to Christianity.
My daughter will come InShaa Allah this weekend with my 3 grand daughters to stay with us for 4 weeks. I will Inshaa Allah read your emails, but my time will be limited.
When you have time, and have no one to save, you can enjoy reading my 2 books in my website.
Hope you have a good summer, and hot weather. Enjoy it.
Yes, Jesus does exist, He sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.  One day He will be your Judge.
The concept of the Trinity is doctrine.  If you understand the meaning of doctrine you will stop asking me that question.
For Maryam:
Dr. Adel asked me once for a picture of my family.  If you are interested here is our picture.  It is a few years old.
My son is still laughing.  He is the "girl" that is wrapped in the gray jacket on the left.  I live in south Texas, I am curious where you live. 

Adel Elsaie <> wrote:
Dear Ken
I am happy to hear you again
I want to say it loud and clear, I am not offended by your questions, and I gave you already my answers.
It seems that you either have a short memory, or when you hear an answer that you don't like, you block your mind.
The ultimate pleasure of anyone in Paradise is to look at the face of Allah. And this will happen to both males and females. Any other pleasures in Paradise is secondary. A woman by nature looks only for one man and does not make herself available to any man. But of course if you see "Christian women" almost naked in TV, and ads., and see porn movies by "Christian women", you are not going to believe me.
I said the face of Allah, because Allah is the recognized name of God in the whole Middle East. If you look at Arabic Bible, you will see Allah instead of God everywhere.
Allah is God of Christians and Jews too 
Yes a woman can ask for divorce if her husband dissatisfies her. Women in Islam have rights that your wife does not have. In Islam, wife's money is hers and she can keep ALL her money, and husband is totally responsible for her. Women in Islam do not have to cook, clean, .... She only takes care of kids, and her husband. In a typical western Christian family husband and wife both work, and kids are lost, they drink, smoke, become violent and drug addict. You know very well the typical Western family is collapsing.
An Abused Muslim Wife can go to Islamic, or western court and files for divorce.
You are really very interesting. You live in your cocoon. Everything in your cocoon (Church) is right and anything outside your cocoon is wrong and going to hell. Christians not in your church practice WMD (Weapon of Missionary Deception), but your missionaries are so good. Probably over 1.5 billion Christians and over 1.5 billion Muslims, are all wrong. What an arrogant idea.
Can I ask you some questions about:
Biblical Values
Could you please explain the following verses from the Bible:
Leviticus 12:2
A woman who has a child is unclean and purification rites are required.
Leviticus 15:19 - 22
A woman who is menstruating is unclean. Anyone who touches her is unclean until the evening. Anything which a woman who is menstruating sits on or lies on is unclean. Anyone who touches the bed of a woman who is menstruating must wash his clothes and bathe, and is unclean until evening. Anyone who touches anything which was sat upon by a woman who is menstruating must wash his clothes and bathe, and is unclean until evening.
Leviticus 15:28 - 30
After her flow stops, a woman who was menstruating must count off seven days before she is considered clean again. On the eighth day, she must present two birds to the priest for atonement for having had a menstrual discharge
Matthew 19:12,
Men should consider castration, thereby making themselves eunuchs, for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.
(Note: During the dark and middle ages, saints castrated themselves by the thousands in order to become more godly. Even now, the practice continues in some sects.)
Mathew 19:29, Mark 10:20-30
Abandon your wife and children for Jesus and he'll give you a big reward.
Mark 10:12, Luke 16:18
Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery, and whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.
1 Corinthians 14:34-35
Women are to be silent in church. If they have any questions, they are to ask their husbands at home. It is a shame for women to speak in church.
1 Timothy 2:9
I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes
1 Timothy 2:11-12
Let a woman learn in silence with full submission. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent
2 John 1:9-11
Do not allow anyone into your house who is not a fellow believer.
According to this statement, no Christian should invite non-Christian to his home! By the way, Can I come and visit you?????? I welcome Christians in my home.
You remeber I told you about Mithra, the Iranian trinity, Sunday, Chrissmas, and many of the christian traditions are taken from Mithra. What would you do, if USA bombs Iran, and destorys the places of Mithra, Your God?????
Please make yourself a cup of Coffee, and read:
Persian Trinity
Christian Trinity  I have 16 questions about Jesus, would you please give me answers?
I guess I kow you now, and I may expect a short answer from you like that "This is a lie, and the Bible verse are taken out of context"
I have copied this email to an American Muslim Convert Lady. She knows the Bible Bible better than me. You can also try to save her. She may send you emails. Her Email address:
Have a nice day.

Ken  wrote:
I am wondering if I offended you by my questions.  Are these questions offensive or do they just not have an answer?
What do women get in Paradise?  Men get virgins, what do women get?
A man can divorce his wife if she dissatisfies him, can a woman do the same to a man?
A man can beat his wife if she disobeys, what recourse does a woman have if her husband is abusive to her?



From: Adel Elsaie <>
Date: Jun 14, 2007 6:25 PM
Subject: RE: Islam, The religion of peace?
To: Ken


There is an article in the Time magazine, about Missionaries under cover. They were talking about a young white American putting headscarf, and calling herself a Muslim name, and going to sports clubs, to attract young Muslims, and try to convert them step by step.. She know many Islamic words. The article is there in WMD.


Is this a deception or not? And is this girl a missionary or not? Did she use WMD or not?


I am not inventing stories. It is in the media.

Ken  wrote:

The Clinton administration did what it could to undermine Israel but that certainly has been corrected.  We support no Palestinian fighters or any other country that fights against Israel.


Christianity is not a game, we do not play games.  There are those who go in the name of Christ who go for a "vacation trip" under the disguise of planting a church.  Many of the Pentecostal and other charismatic churches do this.  They are a great thorn in our side but occasionally they are "helpful."  Last year a Pentecostal church started to build a church building in Northeast India (Assam) until they found out that some of our missionaries (Sovereign Grace Baptist) were already in the area.  They simply left.  They left behind thousands of dollars of materials and a beautifully designed concrete slab.  We have a church there now courtesy of the Church of the Nazarene.  Usually they cause great damage to the trust of the local peoples that can be difficult to overcome.


I visited your site, you start with a lie so there is no point in reading further.


'If through my falsehood God's truthfulness abounds to His glory, why am I still being condemned as a sinner.' (Romans 3:7)


If you take this in context you will see that Paul is not saying that he is going to use falsehood to spread Christianity but that those have been telling lies about him.  If you read the passage you will see that Paul is saying that God is the only source of truth and that every man is a liar.  If, though his "lies," he can glorify God then so be it.  His "lies" being the falsehoods that are being told about him.  In other words he has been called a liar by others and that through his "lies" God will be glorified.  He is being sarcastic.  You would see that if you had read the entire passage.  Others would see that if you would post the entire passage but you will not because Islam is a religion of lies and half-truths.


I can post out-of-context passages in the Quran that encourage husbands to beat their wives.  Do you beat your wife when she disobeys you?  It is allowed, and encouraged, in the Quran!  If you do not then you are disobeying the commands of Allah!


Yes I am being sarcastic, hopefully you will see the point I am trying to make.



From: Adel Elsaie []
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:54 PM
To: Ken
Subject: RE: Islam, The religion of peace?



You still don't get it. US support Abbas, the chief of Fatah., Egypt send arms to Fatah. Think.


About Missionaries to Muslim Countries, I am very familiar with their games.


I wrote Weapons of Missionary Deception (WMD) in my website



Ken  wrote:

Trouble with this reasoning is that the USA doesn't support any of the Palestinian fighters.  Remember, we support Israel.


If they are not Muslims then who are they?  They certainly do all of this "in the name of Allah." Isn't Egypt a Muslim country?


You should be happy (I'm sure you are) that you are not in one of those countries speaking as you do.  You would probably be on the target list if you say that they are not in Islam.


My church supports missionaries in Indonesia.  Last month six Christian churches were burned and hundreds of Christians' houses were burned by those who claim to be Muslim.  The pastor of one of the churches and his family are missing.  There are several Muslim groups claiming credit.  Is this the religion of peace?


Christians certainly do not burn Mosques and the houses of Muslims.  We do not convert at the point of a sword and do not retaliate against those who leave Christianity.


From: Adel Elsaie []
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:27 PM
To: Ken
Subject: Re: Islam, The religion of peace?



Definitely this is not Islam, It is struggle for power. Probably between USA (support Fatah), and Iran (support Hamas). All Muslims Scholars condemn this fight. Try to find something else. !!!

Last month, "Egypt" was sending arms to Fatah !!!!!

I feel sad about this fight, and you send me this email?????????

Look at the big boys.

Ken wrote:

It seems that Hamas has ousted the Fattah movement in the Gaza area.  They took over the local government and dragged the Fattah leaders into the street to shoot them execution style.


Is this Islam?