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Dr. Adel Elsaie


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Muslim Youth Code of Honor - Br. David McClung reading this email

With more than 500 Million Muslim Youth, Can we have a million signature a year?

One brother commented "What happens after we reach a Million, As of May, 10, 2014, we have only on 348 Signatures !!!! It is a shame. Where are the millions?

(... فَوَاللَّهِ لأَنْ يَهْدِيَ اللَّهُ بِكَ رجلاً وَاحِدًا خَيْرٌ لَكَ مِنْ أَنْ يَكُونَ لَكَ حُمْرُ النَّعَمِ )

"If Allah guides a person through you, it is better for you than all that is on the earth."(Bukhari & Muslim )

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Support Muslim Youth Code of Honor

We, a new generation of young Muslims, commit to protecting our Islamic tradition and achieving Islamic moral excellence, do affirm and pledge this declaration:

When character and morality are uncommon qualities,

When most media and TV seek to profit from destroying our Islamic identity,

When Western pop culture icons do not represent our values,

When Islamic beliefs are labeled as intolerant and backward,

When secularists seek to remove God from our lives,

When truth is deemed relative and inexplicable.

When cults claiming Islamic origin attempt to steer away Muslims from the true face of Islam,

It is necessary for us, the emerging generation of young Muslims, to stand for what is right and reclaim the values that have made our civilization one of the greatest in history. We call our Ummah to a higher standard, a lifestyle based:

not on convenience, but on character,

not on what is easy, but what is excellent,

not on what feels good, but what is right,

not on popularity, but on principle,

not on what is tempting, but what is true.

We, as young Muslims, assert our right to determine our future and the future of our great Ummah. We hold these truths as our God-given rights, and we embrace them with our hearts:

We recognize that God, our Creator, is the source of all truth, and the Quran is the authentic Word of God.

We recognize that Muhammad (PBUH), the last prophet, his companions, and his wives are our role model for all our life situations.

We acknowledge the five pillars of Islam: Shahada, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat, and Pilgrimage to Mecca for the one who can perform this duty. Anyone who believes in the 5 pillars of Islam is a Muslim.

We pledge to love, honor, and respect our parents, teachers, and elders.

We recognize that we are all brothers and sisters belonging to the great Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH).

We recognize that Islam is not based on race, color, wealth, tribes, Mazhab, and nationality. We condemn tribal Muslim feuds in the same nation, and division of any Muslim country.

We will work to see that every person has the opportunity to see and hear about the true face of Islam.

We recognize that human life is sacred and that killing a single innocent human is as killing all people.

We reject the rhetoric of Takfir against anyone who believes in the Oneness and Supremacy of God, the prophethood of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, as the last Messenger of God.

We pledge to respect other Muslims and all places of worships. We recognize that disagreement between Muslims should only be expressed in a respectful manner.

We understand and respect differences in performing worship between Muslims of different Mazhabs.

We will live with honor, always striving to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular.

We will be honest and truthful in matters large and small, regardless of the consequences.

We will take responsibility for our actions, and not point to governments, schools, celebrities, parents, or friends to justify our wrong decisions. We recognize that we are responsible for our mistakes.

We will pursue purity throughout our lives. We will not be seduced by fabricated ideas of romance and love. We will save our bodies and hearts for our future spouses, and once married, we commit to pursuing faithful and Islamic relationships.

We will see through the lies of drugs and alcohol and refuse to let any intoxicant influence our thinking or destroy our lives.

We will reach out with compassion to the hurting and less fortunate, both in our society and around the world. We refuse to be absorbed with our own comforts and desires.

We will set a good example of ourselves to the non-Muslims, manifested in our conduct and attitudes among ourselves and to others.

We will invite our peers, leaders, and society as a whole to the way of God with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

All this we declare on our own free will, without any hesitation, mental reservation, by him in whose hand our souls are!

By signing this declaration, we commit to pursuing a life that exemplifies these standards. We refuse to sit idly by and witness the destruction of our generation. With the help of God, we envision a bright and prosperous future for the Ummah we love.

May Allah (SWT) guide us all on the straight path and prevent us from departing it.

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Dr. Adel Elsaie