Prophet Muhammad (SAW):

Our Inspiration for all Virtues

By Mona Ayad

Very Inspiring: The Final Sermon of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Allah describes Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the Quran as a lamp bearing light: "We sent you as a witness, a bearer of good news and a warner who calls to Allah by His permission and a lamp bearing light" ( Al Ahzab 45-46).

What a great inspiration in deed indeed! A most noble, excellent role model for all mankind throughout the ages.

Today both our youth and adults look at the life of Allah′s Messenger for inspiration and guidance. What is it that pulls us toward him and inspires us to emulate his words and deeds? For over 1400 years his story has been passed down from generation to generation to keep his legacy alive in our hearts and lives. How could this humble merchant who could not read or write change the face of Arabia as well as every corner of the world? The answer lies in the virtues of his character. These virtues brought about his success in this world and the next.

The light of prophecy is the light of Divine Guidance and when it radiates, human life can be steered onto the path of excellent moral conduct. Contrary to the popular clich-: nice guys finish last-, Prophet Muhammad proved that guys with virtuous character finish first!!! His inspiration and excellent character changed the world forever.

He took on many roles in his lifetime, yet he perfected them. He was as exemplary statesman, leader, husband, father, and friend. He led a balanced life. One role did not overshadow or diminish the other. It is no wonder that he was proclaimed as the most influential man in history by Michael Hart in his book, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. Hart claimed that he based this choice on his research which found Muhammad (SAW) to be the only man to be supremely successful on both the secular and the religious fronts.

This is only an introduction to a series of future articles on some of the many virtues of the Prophet (SAW) such as honesty, nobility, integrity, justice, courage, generosity, love, mercy, forgiveness, simplicity, trustworthiness, patience, moderation, humility, and many more. Each article will focus on one virtue. Next time we will focus on the two virtues he was most known for and called with: Al Sidique and Al- Amin: the honest one and the trustworthy one. These two qualities are the foundation upon which all of the other virtues are built. Please stay tuned to this new series of articles. In Sha Allah the light of the Prophet′s (SAW) character will shine upon and inspire this generation. No one will excel in the long run in this world or the next one unless one excels in character. This is the very essence of happiness and fulfillment in the human drama. To lead an upright life was always a challenge and will continue to be even more challenging for the future generations. As the challenge becomes greater, we must rise to the occasion. The greatest of challenges lies in changing ourselves. Once we learn to take command of our inner selves, by developing good character, we will gain strength in meeting external challenges. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough must get going!!!