Palestinian Youth Prays on floor of Ocean

Author Unknown

A young Palestinian man prostrate to God in an unexpected place.

Says a young man of 19 years

I think that young life. Wealthy or go .. The bed raises .. The boat and slow ..

It was Friday .. I sat with a group of companions on the beach path ..

They usual set of hearts ear.

I heard the call to prayer neighborhood .. Come to the farmer.

I swear I heard throughout my ears .. But I did not shape the meaning of the word peasant days ..

Devil printed on my heart .. You can even become the ears, he said I do not understand the language ..

The people around us Brush carpet .. And meet for prayer ..

We were diving and equip several duct.

Preparation for the trip under water ..

Several of the most dive .. And entered the sea. Far we are from the shore ..

Even we in the belly of the sea ..

Everything is OK .. Flight beautiful ..

In the midst of comfort ..

Suddenly torn piece rubber which is applied to the diver Essen

And his lips to prevent the entry of water into the mouth ..

For two air from the pipeline .. And torn during the entry of air into the lungs.

Suddenly closed salted water drops Hungarian respiratory ... And started to die.

The lungs started Tstgit Berard .. Conditioning want .. Any conditioning.

Are upset. Dark sea .. My companions are far away for me ..

Started to realize the seriousness of the situation .. I die.

Ashehg started .. And I drank salt water ..

Started a tape of my life pass before me ..

With the first Chgah.

I knew how weak. Savory authorities a few drops of God Shows me that he is strong-Jabbar.

You believe that God only refuge from him ... I tried to move quickly to get out of the water.

But I was at a depth significantly.

Is not a problem that I die .. Problem is how I will of God?!

If asked me about my work. What do you say?

What calculators him .. Prayer .. Having lost.

I remembered the certificates. I wanted to end them.

I told Ashe .. Vgs my throat .. The invisible hand applied to the neck

To prevent me from the pronunciation

I tried hard .. Ashe .. Ashe .. My heart began to shout:

Ruba Arjon .. Ruba Arjon

... Hour .... minutes .. For the moment .. But crying to the moon ..

Started feeling lost everything .. Took me a strange darkness ..

This last thing I remember ..

But the mercy of the Lord broader ..

Suddenly, the air seep into my chest again

Smog darkness .. Opened the eyes .. Whilst one of the owners.

Prove the air hose in my mouth ..

And tries rehabilitation .. We are still in the belly of the sea ..

I saw the smile on Mahiou .. I understood them well ..

Then shouted my heart .. For Sani .. Every cell in my body ..

I testify that there is no god but God .. And I testify that Muhammad Messenger of God .. Praise be to God ..

I came out of the water. I am another person ..

Changed my vision of life.

Zeidan days become closer to God .. I realized the secret to life.

I remembered the words of God (except for worship) is true .. .. What created in vain.


Days .. I remembered that incident ..

I went to the sea .. For six fine diving ..

Then she came back to the water .. Alone and went to place himself in the belly of the sea

Sajad and God Almighty Sujud what I remember Sujud matches in my life ..

In a place I do not think that the man before me had Sujud when God Almighty ..

Perhaps that testifies to this place on the Day of Judgement Allah's mercy Sujud deep in the sea.