Native Deen Address Islamic Prejudice in 'My Faith My Voice'

Native Deen - My Faith My Voice

Washington D.C. rap group Native Deen is attempting to bring America's Islamic prejudice to light with the video for their new song 'My Faith My Voice.' The song was created for the 'My Faith My Voice' grassroots effort that brings together American Muslims "looking to present their voice on issues affecting Muslims and Islam in America."

While many members of America's hip-hop community practice the Muslim faith, including Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli and Freeway, Native Deen has made a point of focusing on the current issues that surround the religion. With 'My Faith My Voice,' Native Deen, who have toured over 60 cities in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East promoting positive interfaith relations, hope to address the "vilification" of Islam in America, while also recognizing the damage incurred by extremists.

"As American Muslims, we feel like our voices have been drowned out by the extremists on both sides," said Native Deen member Abdul Malik Ahmad. "People who claim to be Muslim but commit horrible acts of violence overshadow the vast majority of Muslims who are peaceful. On the other side, those who try to marginalize Muslims in society are equally outspoken in their divisive rhetoric."

In the song, Ahmad raps "They're saying we are savages, uncivilized/ Me, my community we work hard/ Every opportunity to break walls/ The fight, the lunacy that they cause/ Respect here to you and me, the same God/ Giving you the right facts, we keep repeating that/ Islam has been hijacked, we ain't like that."

"Native Deen has always called to the middle path, but moderate voices like ours don't make headline news," Ahmad laments. "As musicians, we know the power of music and hope to reach out to our fellow Americans through this song."

Native Deen's new album, 'The Remedy,' is scheduled to be released this month