Muslim Pride

By: M.A.B. Mallik

Edited by Dr. Khaja Khaleeluddin

Pride of muslim ummah (Pakistan)

I am a proud Muslim American; I must excel in my study and in conduct at school, play, work place and wherever I may be.

A member of Edmond Masjids Tafsir group raised a question "why". A very thought provoking question.

Because: -----

1. Having strong faith in Allah SWT and being conscious of His constant observation on what we do alert me to be aloof from evils, vices and misdeeds; inspire me to be sincere, honest and righteous individual.

2. Inspired by the Quranic teaching and exhortation by the Prophet SAAS the Muslims established a brilliant culture of learning , investigation and logical analysis of the experiments and conclusion that began in the 8th century and virtually ended in 14-15th century. There after intellectual growth in Muslim States became stagnant, and Muslim Ummah started becoming intellectually poor. Some of the luminaries of this period ( in history known as "Golden Period of Islamic Science and Culture ) to name a few are : Al-Haitham ---Optic, Physics, Math, Philosophy ; over 200 books to his credit ; Al-Khwarzmi, the inventor of Algebra, Al-Razi --- medicine, with clinical precision; Al-Wafa, Math, Astronomy, Math , Trigonometry Table , Omar Khyaam, Math, a great poet, Ibne-Sina ( in western press Avicina) whose "Canon of Medicine" is still in use as reference, Ibne-Al-Baitar whose encyclopedia of Medicinal plants is considered a great compilation of plants, Nasir Al-Din-Tusi , astronomer who described solar system but did not publish; Copernicus after nearly 200 years used his diagram of solar system. Intellectual celebrities of modern time include Nobel Laureates Prof. Abdus Salam ( Particle Physics, 1979, Pakistan) and an Egyptian, ( Neurophysics , 2007/or 2008.)

Intellectual foundation laid by Muslim contributions during the "Golden Period of Islamic Science and culture" made possible European Renaissance galvanizing growth in science and technology, the result of which we all enjoy today.

After being aware of the Muslim′s intellectual contribution I am proud to be a Muslim; I am determined to the best of ability to add to our intellectual capital, promote human welfare and TAQWA. *

3. Islam first established an ideological state on earth based on faith in Allah SWT; in spite of dynastic change. I, being a Muslim, whenever opportunity arrives, will speak in favor of ideological state because peace and harmony in a society can only be established in an Ideological state. I firmly believe that there exits an all embracing transcendental moral laws of divine origin; therefore, Machiavellianism in any form can not be permissible.

4. I am proud that that Islam, and Islam alone has established color-blind society on earth; however, I am disappointed that we have failed to make any progress on UMMAH in spite of Quraanic emphasis on it that transcends tribal, national and racial barrier.

1. for all ages ( Parental participation necessary)

2. High school and beyond (parental participation desirable)

3. and 4. College graduates and professionals.