Are you a Muslim? Yes I am

Dr. Adel Elsaie

The Answer is Islam - The Solution to Life

I know this is a strange question. But if you are in my place, receiving emails and chats with unbelievable question, you will know that the basics of Islam is really misunderstood among many Muslims;

Here are samples of some of the chats that I get. I will refer to the other Muslim as U, and I as M.

U: are you Hafani or Maliki

M; My brother, I am Muslim

U: it is important to know, because if you are Hanafi, and your Imam is Maliki, and you pray behind him, your prayer is not accepted.

M: My brother, I am a Muslim praying behind a Muslim. May Allah help us all in this difficult time. Who told you that?

U: My Imam

U: Do you believe in "Ya Muhammad"

M: what is that?

U: if you want anything, you only ask our Prophet Muhammad.

M: Can I ask Allah?

U:: No, You have to ask Muhammad, because if you don't do that, then you are not a Muslim

M: Who told you that?

U: My Imam

U: Do you believe in Hadith

M: I am Muslim, I believe in the Prophet sayings.

U: How do you know that Muhammad actually said that?

M: Hadith is an established science that is been taught in Islamic Universities. And there are books for authentic Hadith like AlBukhary and Muslim.

U: How do you know that these books are correct, and have only authentic Hadith. You need to check every Hadith by yourself to accept it.

M; Do you have any idea how long will it take to authenticate each Hadith by myself ?

U: it does not matter, You accept only the Quran, and you do your own research for every Hadith.