Crimes in Dallas, Texas next Day

11 crimes each day

The first 10-15 minutes of the local news in Dallas Texas are about crimes.

It is depressing. I sopped watching local news a long time ago.
March 14, 2008


James Broadnax - Hate Criminal

Frisco Teacher's Aide Facing Charges Of Sexual Relationship

Felony charges have been leveled against a former teacher's aide in Frisco.

30-year old Nancy Torres has been indicted on charges she carried on a five month sexual relationship with a 14-year old Staley Middle School child in 2006. Torres was initially arrested at a school back then but Frisco police Sergeant Gerald Meadors says the case was just presented to the Grand Jury yesterday. The delay in time was from the family of the victim moving away.

The Frisco school district says Torres was a teachers aid at both Staley middle school and Wakeland High school from 2002 until she was dismissed in November of 2006.

Early Morning Fire In Dallas Sends Families Scrambling

Fire investigators are looking for the cause of this morning's 3-alarm apartment fire in East Dallas.
Thick black smoke could be seen for miles. The fire at the complex near I-30 and Ferguson broke out at about 8:00 A.M. this morning, damaging at least 8 units and sending people like Desiree Diaz scrambling to escape. She says that she didn't even have time to grab her cats.

They lost just about everything, but firefighters did save the kittens. Everyone made it out, but one firefighter was treated after complaining of dizziness. Diaz says she never heard the smoke detector

Thieves Targeting Foreclosed Homes

Houses left empty by foreclosure are increasingly becoming easy targets for thieves here in North Texas. Realtors are showing up at foreclosed homes to find they've been cleaned out light fixtures, bathtubs, even the kitchen sinks stolen by thieves with a lot of time to pull a job.

Local Realtor Ann Stewart says this is really hurting potential buyers, who in many cases could walk into a home like the one she has listed in Hurst and spend a hundred thousand dollars to replace everything that was ripped off.

Meticulous Thief Busted In Fort Worth

It pays to keep good records unless you're a crook. Fort Worth police pulled over a guy in a jeep the other night. trashed out big-time. The driver, Percy Thompson turned out to wanted on a couple misdemeanor warrants so they got a search warrant to go through the jeep. They found a purse and credit cards stolen in Southlake earlier. Turns out they'd been used to buy gas and Thompson had recorded each purchase and the odometer reading. Police say the extra records will result in extra charges.

Plano Restaurant Owner Arrested In Drug Sting

A trendy Plano restaurant's owner is now locked up -- on drug charges. Mark Orbach runs the Mustang Cafe and Bar inside the upscale mall, the Shops at Willow Bend. Police accuse Orbach of selling cocaine right there in his own restaurant. He was caught in a six-month undercover sting and police say they're not done yet. They expect to arrest several other buyers and sellers soon

ER Tech Admits To Looting The Corpse Of A Patient

Stealing from the corpse of a former Grapevine police commander will send an emergency room technician to prison. Chris Wiles admitted that he stole a credit card from the wallet of one-time Grapevine Assistant Police Chief Don Armstrong who had just died of a heart attack last year. A month later, Armstrong's widow got a huge bill --showing that Wiles had gone on a shopping spree that included a 25-hundred dollar laptop and a 15-hundred television. Wiles also admitted that he was high at the time --and had often worked on patients after using drugs. Wiles was sentence to two years and ordered to pay a fine.

Haltom City Police Looking For Daylight Burglars

Bold daytime burglars are a bigger and bigger worry in Haltom City. Police are comparing notes from more than a dozen recent daylight break-ins at homes left empty while the residents were at work. Plano Police Corporal Eric Peters says -- in most cases -- the thieves entered through unlocked doors or windows. For the most part, the criminals are grabbing anything they can easily walk away with -- including laptops and small flat-screen televisions.

Fake Stickers Found on Dallas County Cars

Dallas County is now in the cross-hairs of an investigation into counterfeit inspection stickers found on county cars. State inspectors found some things that just didn't add up in paperwork for as many as seven county vehicles. Charges involve county employees using cars that passed an emissions inspection to generate inspection stickers for cars that didn't pass. At least one employee at the county garage has already been suspended.

Reward Offered In Murder Of Elderly Store Owner

A reward is now posted to help find the killers of an elderly Dallas convenience store owner who was buried Wednesday. Huot S. La died a week ago at the age of 70-- after lingering in a coma for eleven months following a vicious beating in the parking lot of his shop in south Dallas. In a tragic co-incidence, La's wife -- also 70 -- was shot in a robbery at the store the very day he died. She's is now paralyzed from the waist down. Schepp's Dairy is offering a ten-thousand dollar reward for information helping crack either case.

Former Burleson Man Charged In Grisly Pennsylvania Killing

A former Burleson resident is now up on murder charges in Pennsylvania where a woman's dismembered corpse was scattered across two counties. Charles Ray Hicks -- who moved to Pennsylvania in January -- was arrested after police found evidence inhis home including the victim's hands. Neighbors who live near Hicks' relatives in Johnson County are stunned to hear all this because hsi parents are known to be generous, religious people.

Tear Gas Ends Plano Standoff; Armed Man Arrested

The tension is now broken in a Plano neighborhood paralyzed by Thursday's all-day armed stand-off. A normally quiet street was puncuated by shots fired, helicopters circling, and tear gas canisters fired into a home where a 19-year-old man was holed up. It began before noon Thursday and didn't end until just before midnight when a final tear gas canister finally flushed the suspect out into the backyard where he was cornered by police dogs and arrested by the SWAT team. Brandon Hoffer was taken in handcuffs to the hospital to get checked out -- and then to jail on aggravated assault charges for the shots he fired.