Crimes in Dallas, Texas in One Day

11 crimes each day

The first 10-15 minutes of the local news in Dallas Texas are about crimes.

It is depressing. I sopped watching local news a long time ago.
March 13, 2008


Teacher Caught Having sex With 5 Students

Children Shaken Up In School Bus Crash

A school bus accident in Dallas -- and at least two children are on their way to the hospital. Dallas police say the children were not hurt seriously but they're going to the emergency room to be checked out. A bus from Jean Massieu Academy in Arlington collided with another vehicle in west Dallas -- on Keeneland Parkway right at Loop12. Police are still investigating how the crash happened.

Boys Tossed From Overpass In Stable Condition

Two little boys remain in stable condition after their mother tossed them from an overpass onto a busy Dallas freeway yesterday. Their mother -- Khandi Busby -- then jumped herself. She also survived and is listed in critical condition. The boys -- ages six and eight -- will be put in foster care once they're released from the hospital. Police say Busby could face charges of attempted murder. She has a long history of problems with CPS beginning in 2004 when the agency found the two boys were often dirty and dressed in filthy clothes.

Burleson Student Struck In Head At Shotput Practice

A near-tragedy in Burleson where a high school athlete was hit in the head at shot-put practice yesterday. The student was bending over to pick up his own shot when another player's shot struck him in the head. The boy was taken by helicopter to JPS in Fort Worth where he reportedly is responding well. At the high school level, shotputs weigh 12-pounds

Phone Prankster Sentenced to 30 Months

It was all fun and games for a prankster -- but now he'll be thinking about it in a federal prison. The dangerous -- and possibly deadly -- telephone hoax game called SWATting is sending Guadalupe Martinez to federal prison for more than two years. Martinez was sentenced in Dallas yesterday. He was convicted of making prank calls that sent a SWAT team to a home in rural Alvarado. The elderly occupants of the home were awakened from their sleep by armed police who believed a bloody mass murder had been committed. SWATting is a growing problem for police who are sent on wild goose chases which are expensive -- and could be deadly if an innocent victim were to make the wrong move while surrounded by a SWAT team. While sentenced to 30 months -- with credit for good behavior, Martinez will be released in just one year.

DA Questioned About Use Of Dallas County Car

Dallas County Commissioners have some pointed questions for District Attorney Craig Watkins. They want to know why Watkins had two accidents while driving a county car that was never authorized. Watkins says he was only using the car while his personal car was in the shop -- being repaired from yet another accident. Watkins says he was planning to re-imburse the county all along. The Commissioners Court also wants to know why Watkins violated county policy by not reporting the accidents involving the county car.

Detectives Believe Shaws Agreed In Death Pact

Dallas detectives are almost sure that Rufus and Lynn Shaw had agreed to a murder-suicide pact that led to their deaths Monday night. Before saying for certain, though, police are waiting for autopsy reports. But so far, investigators say the evidence they've found in the couple's Red Bird home supports the theory that Lynn Shaw was a willing participant in the murder-suicide. DART, however, is still investigating reports that Lynn Shaw had received threatening letters just before she stepped down as the chair of the DART board of directors.

Shooting At Police Draws 30 Year Sentence for FW Man

It'll be 30 years of hard time for the Fort Worth man who shot at police during a high-speed chase in Parker County last year. Derrick Sanders was sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty. Sanders fired at police while his girlfriend drove their SUV recklessly after speeding away from a traffic stop. The girlfriend was sentenced to 18 months earlier.

Man Sentenced For Fake SWAT Calls

A man who called police while masking the caller ID number, claimed to have killed people while on drugs and forced the deployment of the SWAT team is going to prison. Guadalupe Martinez is getting 30 months in federal prison. Prosecutors say he made calls to towns all over the country, including Fort Worth and Alvarado. Police inadvertently hurt two people who live in the homes they were sent to because of the "SWATTING" calls. In all, the fake calls cost police a quarter of a million dollars.

Fake Cop Pulls Over And Assaults Richland Hills Man

A Richland Hills man tells police he was robbed by a fake cop this morning. Police say the victim pulled over in a neighborhood near Hwy 26 and Vance after being followed by a car with flashing red and blue lights. Officer Nathan Stringer says the suspect, who was wearing black clothing and a black hat, asked the driver to see his driver license. The suspect grabbed the wallet and there was a short struggle. The victim drove off with the fake cop's arm still in the window, although the suspect was able to get his arm out. Richland Hills police are looking for the robber who had handcuffs and a gun on his service belt.

Neighborhood Feud Winds Up In Shooting

Fort Worth police are trying to find answers to a shooting they say was the result of a neighborhood feud. It happened at Meridian Apartments on the city's north side. Sergeant A.W.Price says one neighbor entered the home of a couple, and was shot. Both were armed and were arguing for awhile it then erupted into a shooting. One man was rushed to the hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds. The other is being questioned. Neighbors say the shooting may have been the result of a love triangle

Dallas Gang Member Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

A Dallas gang member is off the streets for five years. 20 year old Joseph Martinez a member of the Varrio North Side gang was sentenced to the prison term after police found drugs and a gun in his car in September. He was pulled over because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.