Biblical Problems

Bart Ehrman - Jesus and Contradictions In The Bible

The following 4 articles are taken from History of Truth - The Truth about God and Religions Vol. 2 - Comparative Religion, 2012. They show very clearly the ambiguous origin of the Bible that caused corruption and confusion of the Biblical texts.

Biblical History: The Old Testament admits that scribes corrupted the Bible. Page 67

Biblical History: Sources of the Old Testament: J, E, P and D. Page 72

Biblical History: The New Testament. The Four Phases Theory. Page 98

Biblical History: Sources of the Gospels: A, B, C and Q. Page 122

Please notice the similarity above between J, E, P and D (the Old Testament).
And A, B, C and Q (the Gospels).

A Bible Search of: Veil, Sword, Kill, Murder, Satan, The devil, Rape, Concubine in the Bible. You will be surprised!!!

Biblical Criticism

Bible's Teachings Inconsistent With The Structure of the Physical World

Borrowed crucifixion

Christian Scholars Recognize Contradictions in the Bible By Misha’al ibn Abdullah (taken from the Book: What did Jesus really Say?)

Cross about Crucifixes The Sun-Burnt Son God By Nozrem ha Brit

Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

Americas'Cool' Bible launched in US !!! News - BBC

Corruption in the Bible: The Muslim Stance by Moiz Amjad

Corruption in the Bible: The Non-Muslim Stance by Moiz Amjad

THE ANTHROPOMORPHIC GOD: God or other divine beings displayed human traits, acted human-like, or expressed or displayed themselves in ways other than that of a divine being.

The Flat-Earth Bible © 1987, 1995 by Robert J. Schadewald

Thoughts on Abrogation ? Think about it ! By Maryam Buston and Dr. M.S.M Saifullah. © Islamic Awareness

Was the Amalekite Massacre a Moral Atrocity? By Farrell Till - Zionists in Present day occupied Palestine are committed Genocide, hoping to finish all Palestinians.

Thoughts on the Ten Commandments

Walk the Talk ? "before Abraham was born, I am!", By Mohammed Ghounem

Why I Don't Buy the Resurrection Story By Richard C. Carrier