History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Source: History of Truth

8.8 The Process of Elimination

I could stop right here. I have made my point that the Islam is the only universal monotheistic religion by a scientific approach called "process of elimination." This procedure is used by many such as doctors and chemists among others. This process states the following:

"If you have different options to a fact, and you exclude all the options except one, then this one is your right answer."

We have only three monotheistic religions:

Judaism: is not universal. Jews do not accept anyone in their faith.

Christianity: universal religion that started as a monotheistic faith then reversed its direction through a human process of distortion and edition. Its main ideology promoter (Paul) is not the original founder of the faith, and he compromised with the religion to attract more converts. The sources of the New Testament are unknown. The writers of the Gospels are unknown. Greek philosophy and the different Myths in the Middle East affected the fathers of the Church who shaped the doctrines of Christianity. These doctrines were formalized in human Ecumenical Councils that were affected by politics.

I proved all of the above. Using the process of elimination, Judaism and Christianity are excluded, and Islam is the only universal and authentic religion.

However, I will go another step to introduce the eternal miracle of God, the Book of Guidance, and the revealed authentic Words of Allah. This is for the reader to have an appreciation for the Quran. This is for the reader to examine the scientific miracle of the Quran. This is for the reader to examine the scientific verses and ask the following question:

Could an unlettered person narrate these verses in the seventh century? Or it has to be narrated by a Prophet of God?

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