History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Source: History of Truth

4.1 Homo Arrogans

The Quran, the authentic words of God, is truly a remarkable miracle. The Quran has its own characteristics, which are so unique, and so inspiring. One of these Characteristics of the Quran is that a verse, "Ayah", is repeated in different places. One verse, for example, is repeated 31 times in one chapter, "Surah", (chapter 55.) This Ayah states: "Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?"

This Surah lists many favors that God (Allah) bestows upon us, and after citing each favor; the above Ayah is repeated as a continuous reminder to humanity to acknowledge His unlimited favors.

One time I was listening to the Quran, I noticed the repetition of the word "arrogance", either as a noun, verb or a synonym. For example, the Quran tells us the story of Adam and Satan in Heaven. God commanded the Angels and Satan to bow down before Adam. All the angles bowed, but Satan rejected the command of God.

Surah 2, Ayah 34 "He refused and was haughty."

Satan thought that he was better than Adam, and therefore should not bow down to him. Satan, soon thereafter deceived Adam and Eve, and caused them to be expelled from the Heaven. God then condemned and cursed Satan forever because of his arrogance. Therefore, the original sin is clearly that of arrogance, committed by the original sinner, Satan. This point is tremendously significant in that arrogance can potentially lead to much graver sins. It should also inspire humanity to maintain its humility. When God asked Satan why didn’t you bow down before Adam, Satan replied that he is better than Adam, hence he should not bow to him:

Surah 7, Ayah 12: "I am better than He (Adam). Thou did'st create me from fire, and him from clay"

Satan's egotism in putting himself above Adam is obvious from the above Ayah. He established his own standard of comparison by assuming that fire is better than clay, so he ignored the order of Allah. Arrogance against God is the worst type of sins, and can be caused by complete ignorance coupled with superiority complex. Ancient history tells us about kings who thought of themselves as gods. For example, the pharaoh, who existed during the time of Moses, claimed to be the highest god. Moreover, there are those who may believe in God but restrict Him and his Laws according to their convenience. They may like His forgiving side, but reject His punishing side. In other words, some people want a man-made God! Religious traditions inform us of arrogant people who wanted prophets to their liking. All the prophets were accused during their time of being insane, liars, magicians, and power hungry.

The Quran and the Bible tell us many stories about the prophets, and those who continued rejecting their message.

♦ It was the arrogant chiefs during the time of Noah who rejected him.

♦ It was the arrogant chiefs during the time of Abraham who rejected him.

♦ It was the arrogant chiefs during the time of Moses who rejected him.

♦ It was the arrogant chiefs during the time of Jesus who rejected him.

♦ It was the arrogant chiefs during the time of Muhammad who rejected him.

♦ It was the arrogant chiefs during the time of any prophet who rejected him.

The Quran makes many references to these chiefs and actually calls them "chiefs." The Quran also talks about their arrogance, because they felt that religion would take their power away from them. The past and present self-appointed chiefs include some of the elite "scientists" as well as some of the religious leaders in all religions. These people believe that their ideas, no matter how wrong they are, should be imposed on the laymen who should not challenge their scientific or religious arguments. In most cases, arrogant people underestimate the degree of their arrogance by using their own standard to "measure" arrogance. They usually justify their approaches as a means of influencing the laymen for a noble cause, such as educating the ignorant masses!

A person can be considered arrogant if one emphasizes his importance and does not think for a moment that he is vulnerable. Every human is vulnerable. No one knows what is going to happen to him in the next hour. One may have a heart attack, a paralyzing car accident, an airplane crash, an earthquake, and the list is endless. But some people are tempted to ignore our factual vulnerability and prefer an illusory mortality. One of the effective means of combating arrogance is to keep remembering our vulnerability. And if it happens that Satan tries to convince us that we know a lot or even enough, keep remembering that the human knowledge is very limited:

♦ Over 90% of the mass of the universe is UNKNOWN

♦ The action of aspirin is UNKNOWN

♦ The mechanism of dreaming is UNKNOWN

♦ Over 90% of the human brain is UNKNOWN

♦ How the brain interprets our senses is UNKNOWN

If we are this humble in our knowledge, how can anyone be arrogant?

Now consider the following:

Evolutionists introduced the names "Homo Erectus" (Latin, upright human) and "Homo Sapiens" (Latin, wise human), and I would like to introduce the term "Homo Arrogans" (Latin, arrogant human) for those who think that they have all the answers. This is the title of this section. I put it in Latin, because, at present time, if you want to sound scientific, you have to use Latin or ancient Greek terms as if that the English language is not good enough. Evolutionists should be able to explain how those species evolved from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens to Homo Arrogans!

Homo Arrogans have many holes in the fabric of their logic. They look at some similarities or some differences between species and build an entire theory. This is similar to the following hypothetical story:

Imagine that most of the life on Earth is somehow destroyed. Several thousand years later, civilization starts and people are anxious to know their past. Some of their elite scientists evolved to Homo Arrogans species. They have no idea about our means of transportation. An archaeologist collects many fossils. The specimens that he collected are a horse wagon, a bicycle, a car, a train, and an airplane. He notices definite similarities and definite trends. He discovers that all specimens have wheels and a body. Similar materials exist in all the specimens such as: wood, iron, and leather. However, there is a problem; the lowest species, which is the wagon and the bicycle, do not have engines. And the engine of the car is smaller than that of the train, and that in turn is smaller than that of the airplane. He conclude that the metal in the wagon evolved to the gears in the bicycle, and this evolved to the engine in the car, which then evolved to the diesel engine in the train, and finally this evolved to the jet engine of the airplane.

Where do you think the archaeologist went wrong?

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