History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Source: History of Truth

3.9 Law of Cause and Effect

For any theory to be correct, it should not violate the basic laws of nature. Those laws are correct and have been tested in many experiments under different circumstances. However, there must be a distinction between the laws of physics and Divine Miracles. The known laws of physics are all acts of God, the Creator of all laws of Physics. Humans strive to understand these laws. Miracles are also acts of God that defy the laws of physics. The cosmic Big Bang challenges the laws of physics because it was a moment of Creation. All miracles performed by prophets, with the permission of God, defy the laws of physics. Humans sometimes confuse the Creator of the laws of physics and the discoverers of these laws. It is certainly within God’s Omnipotence to stop a law that He created to let people contemplate about the Creator of these laws. With the exception of the law of cause and effect, all other laws have their own limitations. I mentioned that Newton’s Laws of motions do not apply near the speed of light. This does not make these laws useless. They just have limitations. The atheistic concepts of the Big Bang and the evolution theory blatantly violate basic laws of physics, such as the law of cause and effect.

This law, which is universally accepted and applied in every branch of science, relates any phenomenon as an effect to a cause. The law states that:

"No effect is ever quantitatively greater nor qualitatively superior than its cause."

Have you ever looked at a beautiful skyscraper, and wondered who was the builder? If someone told that no one had built the skyscraper, but it had simply came to existence by itself, would you believe it? All what we see around us are effects created by The Ultimate Cause of everything.

If someone told you that all the physical laws that exist in the universe had simply happened by themselves, would you believe it? The global educational system attaches a name of a human being to every physical law, such as Newton’s law of gravity or Einstein’s theory of relativity. And somehow in the middle of this educational process, we tend to think that the discoverer of a certain law is actually the creator of that law. Well, he is not. Any discoverer is only a medium of revealing God’s spectacle, and the Almighty is the One and Only Creator of all laws.

From the previous chapter, we know that all the energy and matter in the universe were packed together in a cosmic egg! That cosmic egg exploded during the Big Bang, and formed the present universe. No one knows where the cosmic egg came from, or how it got there. It is simply assumed that it was there (someone even suggested that perhaps the cosmic egg came from a cosmic chicken!). No one knows how long it stayed there at its place, but, as the story goes, the cosmic egg exploded (no atheist knows why!). The universe expanded and cooled sufficiently that the hydrogen gas and the helium gas could form. From these hydrogen and helium, somehow, evolutionists believe that:

♦ A cosmic egg created itself somewhere and somehow for an unknown period of time.

♦ The cosmic egg exploded with an unknown reason.

♦ All laws of physics and chemistry created themselves, or by the scientists who discovered them.

♦ All galaxies and stars created themselves.

♦ Our solar system created itself.

♦ Life created itself.

♦ Finally from that first primordial form of life all other forms of life evolved according to Darwin’s natural selection.

After studying the atheistic ideas of some of our modern serious scientists, I came to the conclusion that some Homo sapiens evolved to Homo Aroganse!

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