History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Source: History of Truth

3.1 Facts and Assumptionss

To approach this chapter that describes life, its complexity, and its models of existence, it may be useful to tell the following story of "Who has done it!"

One time, a police detective received an emergency phone call that there was a murder case in a house. He rushed to the murder scene to find a man in bed, with blood spread over his chest as well as the bed. The detective found a gun on the bed near the hand of the deceased.

"Based upon these evidences, the detective concluded that the man committed suicide."

After further investigations, the detective found out that the window of the bedroom was opened. Searching the house, the detective found that it looked like a robbery.

"Based upon these evidences, the detective concluded that the man was murdered in an armed robbery."

After further investigations, the police found the robber, who swore that he had found the window opened, and the man was laying in bed, and all what he did was to rob the house. He insisted that he did not kill the man. The murder weapon was determined to belong to the victim. Further investigations revealed that the man was married and he had life insurance with his wife as beneficiary. A few days later, the detective found out that the wife tried to collect the insurance money, and made preparations to leave the country. When the wife was questioned, she confessed that she killed her husband for his insurance money.

"Based upon these evidences, the detective concluded that the man was murdered by his wife."

In the above simplistic murder case, evidences were showing a suicide case, then a homicide case by a robber, and finally by the wife. Assumptions based upon incomplete and inconclusive evidences at certain times may not be correct and may never reach the status of facts. If someone is on a mission to prove an assumption and if he becomes obsessed to reach a certain conclusion, facts and evidences may be twisted or even fabricated to present one's point of view.

I remember this story every time the news come on to support or discredit the evolutionary theory. A small fossil discovery somewhere in Africa or Siberia sometimes is hailed as the final evidence that will prove the evolution model. A few months later, a Big Bang of complex life existence on Earth is confirmed in the Namibian desert. This Big Bang of life presents another proof that the evolution theory is a Big Bust.

In considering the questions related to the origin of life, popular opinion or emotion sways many times. To avoid this and to reach logical conclusions, we need to consider the evidence with an open mind. It is interesting to note that evolution's best advocate, Charles Darwin, indicated an awareness of his theory's limitations. In his conclusion to "The origin of Species," he wrote of the grandeur of the "view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator into few forms or into one," thus making it evident that the subject of the origins was open to further investigations. But the present day evolutionary theory generally eliminates any mention of a Creator.

Before proceeding further, a clarification may be in order: Scientific achievement is not the issue here. Every informed person is aware of the amazing accomplishments of scientists in many fields. Scientific study has dramatically increased our knowledge of the universe, the Earth and of living creatures. Studies of the human body have opened up improved ways of treating illness and injuries. Therefore, it is only right to respect the skills and the achievements that have added so greatly to our knowledge. Now let us introduce the following two models:

Evolution Model, as used in this book, refers to organic evolution - the theory that the first living organism developed from non-living matter. Then as it reproduced, it is said to have changed into different kinds of life forms, producing ultimately all forms of life that have ever existed on Earth, including humans. And all of this is accomplished without divine intervention.

Creation Model, on the other hand, is the conclusion that the appearance of all life forms can only be explained by the existence of the Almighty God, who designed and made the universe and all the basic life forms on this Earth.

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