History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions

Dr. Adel Elsaie

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Interfaith Web Sites  

 General Islamic Websites  A Comprehensive Educational Website about God, Allah, Religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Converts, Politics and Newspapers, for Mobile Cell Phones.  Educational site on Islam, its way of life, civilization and culture.  IslamiCity in Cyberspace.  Holy Qur'an Resources on the Internet in 24 languages.  Islamic Web site.  The solution to any problem.  Understanding Islam.  Discover Islam.  Islamic Society of North America   ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America)   Swedish, Danish, English, Arabic.  Investigating Islam, UK.  Muslim Student Association national site in USA.  Islamic answers to Christian Missionaries and Orientalists.  

Bible Study  

Search engine of different versions of the Bible.   

Converts to Islam  Jews.  Multi-National Muslim Committee, Christians.  Multi-National Muslim Committee, Christians.  Christian priests and missionaries and many others who have discovered the one true religion.  Christian Bishop & Preacher & German Diplomat & Cat Stevens & others.  Hindus learn Islam.  Darul Arqam  Singapore Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore.  

Scientific Miracles in Quran  Scientific accuracy of the Qur'an.  Many scientific discoveries.  Scientific accuracy of the Qur'an.  Many scientific and Islamic books by Harun Yahya.  

Interfaith Web Sites  Religious tolerance among all religions.  Muslim Christian Dialogue.

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